Friday, March 8, 2013

Homeschooling: Scripture Memorization

If I had the ability to post regularly (no home internet), I would do a weekly post on different homeschooling ideas/helps. But, alas, I don't, so here is a rare post from me (from McDonald's). :)

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I am most passionate about homeschooling. It is actually a conviction and I love it. It is not always easy, but it is always rewarding.

One of our subjects is Scripture Memorization. The most important, don't you think? I deeply regret that I did not hide God's Word in my heart when I was a child. What I gathered, I can give thanks to the many church services that I attended and the preachers that quoted the Word of God during these services.

So far this year, my homeschoolers have learned Matthew 5: 1-16 (The Beatitudes) and John 1:1-16. Our next chapter to memorize will be Romans 12. Here is my method for scripture memorization.

Day One: Mom copies scripture to be memorized in child's notebook. Child copies scripture (here you get in your handwriting practice and copywork). Child says scripture to mom (reading it) three times in a row.

Day Two: Child reads scripture three times in a row. By the third time, child begins to try to recite some of scripture from memory (unless it is my 10 year old who can say it from memory on the first day, lucky guy).

Day Three: Child tries to say all of the scripture from memory, three times in a row.

Day Four: Repeat Day one with NEXT scripture to be memorized. Child says previously memorized scripture along with the new scripture to be memorized.

Continue until the entire passage is memorized. On Fridays, the children recite the previously passage memorized to me (to keep them from forgetting it) as well.

I hope this makes sense. It really works well for us. My children learned Isaiah 56 last year with this method as well.

And a DEFINITE bonus is MOM learns the scriptures as well! Woo-hoo! :o)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Cozy Heart in a Cozy Home—Dangerous??


The other night in prayer, the Lord really impressed these thoughts on my heart. After I finished praying, I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a few notes down. It was very late (around 1am) so my points aren’t very clear and probably could be organized a lot better, but I’m just going to give it to you as is.

While I was praying, I was busy thanking God for just how blessed I am. I know the Lord expects our thanks and gratitude, so I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with thanking the Lord for His blessings. However, I couldn’t help but feeling shallow in my thanks because I felt like that’s all I could offer, just thanks. Now, hear me out.

Basically, I just felt that I had done nothing.

That’s when I felt convicted that I had become too cozy.

You know, sometimes life can be so good and we can be so blessed that we can be too comfortable and too cozy in the Lord’s goodness. Like, God’s goodness is sufficient for our Christian life.

Here are some feelings of being comfortable and cozy with life:

*An overall good feeling of being blessed

*Life is good; comfortable

*Home is our heartbeat; family and comforts are everything to us

What is the problem with this? Nothing! UNLESS… we lose our focus.

Problem#1 : We can forget we are here to SERVE.

There IS comfort in serving in our comfort zone. However, don’t forget what is outside our cozy walls. Serving others outside our cozy spot is often not so, ahem, comfortable.

Problem #2: We can lose track of the devil and evil.

Our homes can become so cozy and peaceful that we can forget the evil that is lurking outside and even fall into a cozy stupor that could allow the devil’s foot in our cozy home and into our (obviously) too cozy (i.e. lukewarm) hearts.  We can shut out reality so much that we fail to be concerned for problems and evils going on in the world. When your are comfortable, you aren’t concerned.

Problem #3 Who needs prayer when things are cozy and comfortable?

A cozy life could blind us of the wretch we really are sans Christ (hence, no brokenness).

No one seems to need prayer within cozy walls.

Posting on Facebook or on other social networks about how blessed we are seems to be sufficient, right??

So, how do we keep a squirmy heart in a comfortable home?

1. Remember we are here to SERVE!

2. Keep a sharp realization that the devil is always looking for a cozy heart in which he can make a cozy home.

3. Keep a prayerful concern for things going on outside your cozy home.

4. Above all, PRAY! Don’t allow your heart to become so cozy that you put off prayer. This is the foundation for strict maintenance of an “uncomfortable” heart.


God Bless! Hopefully these words will make sense to you and convict you if it is needed! I love a cozy home, but I don’t want a cozy heart!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A peek at my week

Okay, so no comments from any readers out there about my sudden popping on board with the blogging.:) Let's just say that, where there is a will, there is a way. :) I miss blogging terribly and have tried to replace my first love with Facebook, which just ain't much of a replacement. In fact, most of you have read on here my love/hate (mostly strong dislike) relationship with facebook. I find myself feeling like I'm from another planet when I'm on facebook. Most of the time I am thinking, does anyone share the same interests/convictions/opinions as I? A small few of my friends on facebook (which are mostly the same said friends whose blogs I frequent).

Alas, an attempt to revive this blog. Again. Again. And yet, again.

This week we started back school which went really smoothly. Once again I was reminded (for the hundreth time) of just how thankful I am to be able to educate my children at home. I absolutely would rather have their education no. other. way. I didn't have to dread their going 'back to school'. Because, they weren't going anywhere.

By the middle of the week, the flu had settled in with our youngest child, Ezra. And by Friday, had married our youngest daughter, Ella. And I, yours truly, wasn't feeling so hot myself. Well, actually I was feeling pretty HOT myself. Maybe a light case of the flu? Maybe a God-having-mercy-upon-poor-mama-of-the-family-so-she-can-take-care-of-the-others- Flu? Anyway, I was pretty much back to normal within a day or so. My poor babies are still lingering with their flu symptoms.

With my ever growing belly is my ever growing nesting and organization that is always welcomed around our busy (and sometimes messy!) home.

Ezra birthday etc 014

We moved the boys’ bunks into the girls’ bedroom. They haven’t slept in their room in almost a year because frankly, the room needs a good dose of remodeling. The paneling is peeling off of the walls, among other allergy triggers. I am glad to get the toddler bed out and my eldest off of the couch and into a more sensible sleeping arrangement.  I admit, my husband did the moving of the bunks into this room. I did a lot of sweeping and putting away of toys and finding lots of lost ‘treasures’ (hairbows, anyone?).

More views…

Ezra birthday etc 015

I doubt they will get used to the pink, but it just may have to work for now.

Ezra birthday etc 016


My fridge needed a little love this week. Yeah, it’s almost grocery time.


Ezra birthday etc 017


A bookshelf that had been neglected for way too long (check out the before picture). What can I say? My kids like choosing books off the shelves to read. Hurray for that.

Ezra birthday etc 007

(Before) Check out my Laura Ingalls Wilder in the back—my Erin in her new nightgown and cap, made by Gran-Gran

Ezra birthday etc 018

After (try not to noticed where I haven’t painted)

Ezra birthday etc 019

Health, mothering/parenting, Prophesy, etc…

Ezra birthday etc 020

Our very slim movie collection (Moody Science, Homestead Blessings, a few Veggie Tales & Narnia)

Ezra birthday etc 021

Children’s Classics


Ezra birthday etc 022

The weekly laundry pile (It works better for me to do my laundry on Saturday, so it gets rather LARGE)

Ezra birthday etc 023

A view through the screen of laundry hanging—such a warm day, THUS the next picture…

Ezra birthday etc 025

FLIP FLOPS! (in January!)


Just a few pics of my sillies…

Ezra birthday etc 011

There must be something in the ‘water’ Smile

Ezra birthday etc 024

A little Candy-Land for my eldests

Ezra birthday etc 013

A little blurry, but still a lotta cutie!


Many blessings!

Ezra is ONE

We had a very small  celebration for a very big ONE year old, Ezra Samuel. Here are a few snapshots from his celebration.
Ezra birthday etc 004
Enjoying a small piece of his cake

Ezra birthday etc 002
His FIRST birthday cake, made by Mama

Ezra birthday etc 003
Bigger brother and first cousin

Ezra birthday etc 001
With my dad, AKA Grandpa (don’t you think they favor?)

Ezra birthday etc 006
Some of the guests (Grandpa, Uncle Jeffery, Papa, and brother—can you tell it is hunting season?)
Ezra birthday etc 005
Up close with the chocolate boy!

We are so thankful for our little BIG man!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Season of Friendship...

There was once a time in my life that I really thought I didn't need friends.
Yeah. Crazy, huh?
I actually didn't care to show myself friendly. Cordial, but not chummy. The thought of making new friends was very intimidating and too much of a coming-out-of-my-comfort zone- venture.
I had my husband, who continues to be my very best friend, and my children. I had my dear friend who wears the title, sister-if I just had to tell a secret or needed small scale advice. My dear friend who has the label of sister-in-law and I share similar interests and always have had a great time together.
My bestest childhood friends, although still my friends, were far removed from me, primarily in distance. Great texting buddies.
There was once a time in my life the Lord saw a void that I honestly didn't see or feel. He decided to feel that void. Gradually...but to overflowing.

Enter a new pastor's wife. My need for a constant and contagious smile. My need for a listening ear. Someone who is a compliment to my loudness by softness. My need for a captivating audience no matter how boring my conversation really is. Yes, a friend.

Enter a new pastor's wife's sister-in-law. My need for compliments. My need for a smile. My need for affirmation. Someone who strives to try and tries to strive. Me too, ya know? Yes, a friend.

Insert a younger-than-I piano student. My need for a student. Not just a piano student either. Someone to listen and put up with and sometimes even follow my advice and amazing wisdom (said sarcastically). My need for a pregnancy buddy. Someone with whom to share all-natural labor and delivery horror stories. Go us, huh? :) My need for a shopping buddy.  My need for someone else with many small kids. My need for someone else who wants more small kids. (maybe...) Yes, a friend.

Enter a new female church member. My need for laughter. Good, belly laughs. My need for a sewing and crafting motivator. My need for child training example. My need for strength (this girl is a tough one)! My need for no-nonsense, stability, and to-the-point honesty. Yes, a friend.

My cup is overflowing with wonderful friends.
And I'm feeling right chummy.
And I'm better for it.
And I'm thankful.
Now to publish, close down my computer, and give my full attention to my lastly mentioned, and most recent, friend. Time to talk hairbows and to get in a few belly laughs. Ah, life is good.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back to Blogging...

Can you believe it has been almost a year since I've posted? I can. Life is crazy, but all the more to blog about, right? I still have no internet connection, but SOMEHOW I hope to start blogging again. Consistently.



We've added a new addition to our family since my last blog post. It has almost been enough time lapsed to add TWO additions, but one is good for now. :) Ezra Samuel is now 5 months old and a whopping seventeen-ish. pounds. He is a big ole healthy boy and has brought lots of joy to our home. He is a light colored, blue eyed addition to our family. :) After 3 BROWN eyed beauties, the Irish eyes came shining through.

Every day we see God's hand moving on our lives. We are not always faithful, but HE is. And HE is teaching us to be faithful to Him. We now look at trials in life as a necessary part of the crucifying of our flesh. Trials are meant to make us better. Don't be downcast, be uplifted to know that God is actually moving in your life to make you crucified to self and alive in Him.

A thought that come to me yesterday: Sometimes it is hard to tell during a trial if the devil is traumatizing us or the Lord testing us. But, depending on OUR response to the trial, the Lord can get the glory and work in either situation. Be encouraged!

So if the devil is bothering you today, determine that you are going to allow the Lord to get the glory in your situation. It could be the Lord testing you. And when you are tried, you can come forth as gold.

Lots of love to my readers and natural mothering!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Soapy Situation

Remember the Ice addiction post? (I didn't want to take the time to find the link) Mainly, I was having an addiction to ice during my pregnancy with Ella. This time, the old soap-sniffing-almost-want-to-have-a-taste enjoyment has found its way back into my pregnancy symptoms. I purchased my favorite smelling soap of all time (at least this time and last), Ivory, in a pack of 3, and all I can say is that I'm really enjoying taking a shower and have actually moved it up to a priority in my day. :) I am eagerly volunteering to bathe my 3 youngest children, but so far haven't asked my husband or my oldest son. Could it be I'm a tad bit embarrassed at what they might think? :)

I haven't made homemade laundry detergent in about 2 years, but something about reading Katy's post at the Country Blossom (see side bar) about homemade laundry detergent has caused me to make a list of ingredients I'll need for my bimonthly shopping trip.

And to chalk things up, I've really been enjoying writing, coloring, and playing with the kid's chalk. My kids must think I'm a really fun mom, right?

At least the ice-chomping sessions have been very minimal. For now.

And at least I don't have a bag-of-flour-a-day habit the OB told me about when I sort-of confessed about the soap. Lord, have mercy.

I'm making my own asumption about things.

My baby will enjoy being clean and will be very artistic.


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