Saturday, September 12, 2009

'Additional' News

My dear husband has the three oldest children outside and I'm supposed to be sleeping, but it seems I have to take by force my blogging time, so here I am. It has been 2 months since I've put up a blog, and I don't even know if I have any readers now (who likes to read a dead blog?), but I will try to attempt to restart my blog. I decided to change my URL since I have 4 kids now instead of 2. :) Makes sense, doesn't it?
Our newest addition made our family a family of SIX! Can you believe that? It is really unbelievable. We are sooo blessed to have our newest baby, Ella Annabelle, join our family this week, 9/8/09. She was a hefty 9lbs. 7.5oz. and 22.25 inches long. She is a real beauty and we are so in love with her. The kids love her and ask to hold her constantly! I feel that my heart is bursting over with love. Having a new baby is 'just what the dr ordered' for our family. :o)
I will try to get my birth story on here ASAP as it really was a wonderful experience. I'll leave you with a picture of my beauty and then I must go obey my husband and rest....... :o)
Thanks for reading!


  1. She is gorgeous. I'm anxiously awaiting your birth story. Can't wait to meet her for real!!!

  2. Hmmm...does this mean there will be no '5'? Or will you wait till '8' or '9' to change the name again?? :) :)

    I, too, am anxious to hold and meet Miss Ella Annabelle. I've got a whole wardrobe to share with her!


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