Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kid Park Pics...

It seems that my computer has a faulty cord, so I'm having to fore go any blogging done during the day hours. As if I could do any anyway. I would love to get in about 3 good blogs a week, but it ain't happening, it seems. Thanks to hubby for loaning his computer to me for the day.
One day, earlier this week, we went to a nearby park in hopes of just enjoying 'getting out'. I knew this park didn't offer much in the way of etertainment, just a swingset, but it WAS a park nonetheless. I was so surprised when we arrived to notice a brand new jungle gym type thingy situated right by the swings. I also noticed an adult swing nearby (there goes my walking-while-the-kids-play plan). The kids immediately dropped their scooters and hurried off to get in some good play. Ella and I got to relax a bit and just watch the kids well, be kids. It was such a nice day and the foliage at the park was beautiful. There wasn't another soul there and it was sooo nice to just be still and listen to childish play (well, ok, I probably wasn't really listening too well...). We had two interruptions...a man came out to dump some wood shavings under the new jungle gym and the last interruption was a little starving dog (how someone could mistreat a dog, I just don't understand) came over, sniffing us out for food. Of course, when it went across the street to sniff the neighbor's garbage, my 2 yr old followed him and preceded to go up to the front door after the dog (of course, I was calling the entire time....). Since I was feeding the baby, I sent my 6 yr old after him. He didn't take too kindly to that, so after much protest (which caused the owner of the tresspassed property to come out of the house), I had to go get him myself. We promptly left after that and dealt with his actions later. I understand him wanting to go after the dog, but he knows that the world stops when mama calls, yk? He knows, but he failed to heed. Anyway...I'm sure you have times like that?? Right?? :o) Here are a few pictures from our park trip...

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  1. Cute, cute pics! I have NEVER seen this park! Is this at the river?

    Children will do crazy things when your least expect them to!


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