Saturday, October 31, 2009

Look what I've been buying...

It has turned out to be a lovely Saturday after all! I have thoroughly enjoyed mine and I think it's can be attributed to my relaxing and just no stressing about getting things done...doing what counts and that's being a good wife and mother! We had a nice, delicious lunch and have just been enjoying each other's company. The 2 oldest men of the family have gone squirrel hunting with Papa (FIL) and the rest of the littles are asleep. I have some peace and quiet! It is not too rare that I get peace and quiet, thankfully beings I have grandparents close by who want to get a piece of their grandchildren quite frequently. :o)
My favorite store in the world is a burn-out type store and it's where I get all my name brand goodies, including my all natural-organic body products that I love. Just look at all my goodies and savings!! PS. These are all internet photos..I was too lazy to take real pictures of my stuff! :o) The pillow photos are stolen from someone's blog! Sorry! :oP

Erin's dollhouse that she got from money she had saved up: Regular Price $70-$75, We paid 50% off: $35.00!
Pillows for the girls' room (when I get it fixed up for them)...I got 2 of these and they were 90% off of $18!! Like, a little over $1!! They both had a scorched place right in the middle of them, but with a little Shout and a washing on Gentle Cycle, it came right out!!
And up close.... They are from the Shabby Chic Kids line from Target..

Well if you know me, you know I like All-things-natural and my body products are no different. I love the Jason Naturals products and love it when I can find good deals. This stuff is absolutely heavenly! It is Apple Spice Body Wash/Lotion and you will want to eat it....I'm in love with it and bathing never was so fun! :o)

Oh yeah...70% off of $12 and some change!! They have another set there that I could've kicked myself for not buying yesterday.

Okay, up next are 2 books that I purchased yesterday that were book 90% off!! I paid barely over a buck for each of them. The first one I have been wanting to read for awhile! It is the Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. I have read the first 2 chapters and it is good so far! The second book is Green Baby and it is a very nice little read about going Green with your baby (including bfing, cloth diapers, organic...etc...u know the stuff I heart!!)....such nice STEALS!!

I would love to see some of your deals sometimes!
We don't celebrate Halloween, per se, but I am going to bake some Pumpkin bread this afternoon and we are going to carve a pumpkin. We do this every year. :o)


  1. Boy, what great finds! You did good.

  2. What store is this..and how do I get there?


  3. Leslie, it is a burn out type store called, Hudson's Treasure Hunt and its sister store called Dirt Cheap. I'm in the south and we have several w/in a 50 mile radius. I love this store!!

  4. We have the same Sweet Dreams pillow! I love that line and the girls' room is decorated in it...down to the bookcase, curtain rod, and night stand! You got a Sweet Deal! Love Hudson's/Dirt Cheap!


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