Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just two years ago, I had never heard of Facebook. I was on Bebo and then I noticed everyone going over to Facebook, so after the nudging of one or two peeps, I signed up. It was great. There was more people, more information, and more pictures. I loved catching up with old friends and seeing their kiddos that I didn't even know they had. For the most part, I have enjoyed being on Facebook. I'm not blaming this all on facebook. Facebook, I have enjoyed you. I have enjoyed utilizing you to catch up with old pals.
Here and there I let in a few people who weren't really friends, just acquaintances. That was ok. It was fun seeing what they were up to. Then the occasional, person-I-had-never-seen-before-but-had-heard-about-and-didn't-want-to-hurt-their-feelings-by-declining-them, was added as my friend. Then, I noticed a couple of men boys would type about 800 statuses a day about nothing, really, and that started to bother me a bit. Then, I noticed that I would get upset when the occasional person would post a comment about Holiness people being judgemental, which I am not, but it wouldn't do any good to argue. This would affect my whole day. Then, I noticed that people would post things for example (and this is totally random), like "Congratulations to X for being chosen cheerleader". And I would be dying to want to post back and say, "Why would you want to congratulate someone who will be showing off her buttocks to hormone crazed junior highers?" Or, someone would post something like, "I'm so proud of myself for going on a diet. I've only had 3 diet cokes today and I'm putting Equal in my Tea". And I would want to reply, "You are killing yourself. Do the research, dude." Or, someone would post something like, "I'm offended. My friend brought home a book from the public library and it was about Jesus." And I would want to type something like, "Don't you know you are missing out on your friend learning about the greatest man ever?"
I know I just used way too many prepositions and Thens to start my sentences, but get over it, okay? :) :)
Anyway, what I am saying is that, I take things so personal to be on FB. I have nothing in common with most of my 'friends' on FB.
Lastly, Facebook, you are taking up too much of my time. I check you out when the baby is nursing and I could be gazing into my sweet baby's eyes or reading a book that will help me to be a better mother. Or, I could be putting up another blog! :) The baby will be weaned before I know it and I won't have time for you anyway. Please don't be upset, Facebook. I might start you back up one day. :)
I will miss chatting with my good ole' FB friends. I hope they will stop by here and say hi sometimes. I hope you feel welcome. :)


  1. I stopped my facebook also because of the very same reasons you mentioned. It took way too much of my time. I have, however, opened a facebook for my blog and that, so far, seems to suit me better. It's less time consuming. If it doesn't work - DELETE.

  2. I do have a account. I am very picky to whom I accept as friends. I very rarely check it. I like blogging too much. I probably get on once a week for a few minutes. I get tired of some of the things you mentioned above. My most annoyed one is " I am going to take a shower." Who cares. Sorry, but seriously. I have been very harsh at removing friends. If they have a unappropriate profile picture. They are gone off my list. If they promote views and words that are not Christ like, bye bye baby!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I came across your blog tonight and loving it so far! This post was awesome and I've heard this story so many times before about Facebook. I don't have one but have only heard from others and saw their addiction to it that was enough to keep my away lol! =0

    You mentioned being holiness, we are a holiness family that homeschools as well.



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