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No, I’m not changing my blog to include the study of animals nor am I going to talk about dissecting Frogs for a Homeschool project. Instead I’m going to talk about Fully Relying on God. You know, F.R.O.G? I know you are relieved that I’m not going to discuss Frogs. :)

My next few posts are probably going to be Spiritual type posts because I’ve had a few things on my mind that I want to share with you. Things I might share in a testimony type service if I indeed, did testify in a testimony service, which I don’t very much.

I don’t know about you, but I do know about me. :) I’m a person who does not ask for help (ok, I will call my Mama and beg for her to come help me, but that’s my Mom, ya know) and feel easily intimidated by others. When I taught school, I always tried to do what I was supposed to do because I did not want to end up in the Principal’s Office (same as when I was actually in school). Those things intimidated me. In fact, a few teachers would go by there and just chat with the Principal, but not me. Those sort of people intimidate me (FWIW, I loved my principals and got along w/them fabulously). In fact, I can be intimidated by lots of people. I can handle it myself.

For the past couple of weeks, the Lord has dealt with me that I don’t rely on Him enough. I don’t go to Him enough for help. Guilty. I guess in my mindset, I thought of God as someone I would go to for healing and to ask for spiritual help. That’s about what I’ve gone to Him for over the years. I have asked Him to help me be a better mother a zillion many times and to give me wisdom, etc., but just for simple things, I have not asked. Things like, Lord, show me how to organize my day more effectively. Lord, how do I respond to this child who has just smarted-off to me? Lord, can you help my dinner turn out well?

I have found that the Lord loves to help us with those things, ladies. Casting ALL your care upon Him, for He careth for you. I Peter 5:7.

A few years ago, I remember snickering at a relative who was asking God to help her while we were playing a board game. I mean she actually bowed her head and prayed. While I have yet to ask for his help over a board game, I have asked him for some pretty simple help lately. :) And, I’ve found Him faithful.

I heard a message about 3 weeks ago from Bro. Dollas Messer in which he was talking about Man being created to be dependent on God. We were made to rely on Him. He created us to need Help! We are guilty of turning to other sources (books, resources, our girlfriends, other blogs, etc) for help, when we can ask Him. The author and Finisher of our Faith. ***I, of course, am not saying the above ‘helps’ are wrong and I believe God can and does use resources to help us. He has used these tools many, many times in my Christian life.***

On a personal note…Sunday, as I was walking for exercise, I was praying (makes a great prayer time) and asking God to forgive me for not depending on Him for help with my frustrations (one of them being my lack of organization, etc.) and my prayer went like this:

“Lord, I know that I can’t do anything without your help. I also know that you are able to help me with the things I get frustrated over. Lord, I know you are able to help me be able to get things done that I can’t do within myself. You are able to anoint me to be superwoman. “ (I really said that). Now, the Lord knows my heart and the fact that I don’t want to be Superwoman for vain reasons such as so I can brag about it. I just want to be to find a healthy balance of things (housework, school, kids, etc.).

Well, yesterday, I sort of forgot about my prayer, but God didn’t. As the day went along, I couldn’t believe all the things I was getting done. Honestly. I did not get up too early (7:40, to be exact) and believe me the weekend was hugely evident in my home. But, I got everything done that I normally need to do including sweeping/straightening the laundry room, spent a few moments decluttering our office room, cleaned the bathroom, matched up some socks, swept and cleaned off the porch, along with my normal things!

Maybe it wasn’t necessarily his making me Superwoman, but perhaps He is just helping me know how to organize my time, get my kid’s involved, etc. But, I’m so thankful for HIS help.

Don’t be afraid to ask Him believing Him to help you with anything from being a better lover to your husband (I have prayed this before and the Lord has answered) to helping you stretch the grocery budget (have seen the Lord move in this area this wk as well). We just can’t imagine how much He loves us and is waiting for us to ask Him for help. His people are His delight.

He’s been good to me!

PS Stay tuned for a Giveaway to be announced later this week. I now have TWENTY followers, so I decided it be nice to have a giveaway! :)


  1. Great post. I'm so guilty of thinking I can handle "stuff" on my own and not wanting to "bother" God will some of the little junk that creeps into my life. I'm so wrong. I know I need to be more faithful in prayer.

  2. Great post today. With battling cancer this past year, God has been so faithful in giving me strength although I don't always thank him. Thanks for the reminder

  3. I think we all fall short on this subject. A few weeks ago our evangelist was preaching and he talked about a man he knew that always and he meant always had a prayer he walked around praying all day. When his teenage son backslid but was pretending to have not,the Holy Spirit told him of what his son had been doing and he brought it to his son. His son then fell to his knees right there in their living room asking the Lord for forgiveness. That spoke volumes to me about praying for all things not just the big things but the small as well. I fall short most days but thank goodness we serve a wonderful loving and forgiving Jesus. We are work in progress,he is the potter we are the clay.

  4. Couldn't help but laugh at your opening.
    With that said, great post, too often we try to do things without relying on the Lord.

    God Bless You!

  5. I have learned a few years back about this and it has really changed my life.

    Looking forward to your post.


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