Sunday, April 25, 2010

Simple, Stupendous (?), Stormy Saturday

Although it is now Sunday, and we are all resting:

sunday rest 001

I wanted to share my great Simple Saturday that my family and I had yesterday. First off, Tornado Warnings/Watches were out practically all day long and it was very stormy. Usually, the weather will set my mood. Isn’t that the way it goes? I was so thankful for the rain (gardening, anyone?) that I did not let the storm invade my mind and ruin my good mood (weird how those 2 words indeed, do not rhyme).

I got the house clean fast (which is rare), we ate a big breakfast and just hung out while the rains fell. Don’t you just love to hang out with your family? :)

After noon, we decided to go up to my in laws to visit and maybe play some board games. I love to hang out with my in laws just as much as my own family and I’m thankful for that. We played Clue and Scrabble and ate and snacked and held babies and ate again and, well, it was just as if it had been a holiday. Fun, fun!

You see, if it had been sunny, we would’ve been busy outside doing this and that and we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of enjoying each other’s company.

So, sometimes Storms are a good thing.

And that was my Simple, albeit, Stormy, Saturday.

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  1. You forgot to add that you got to have a good chat on the phone with your awesome SIL!

  2. You are going to be so glad, down the road, that you just took the time to be with your family. That time is precious and you can't ever get it back. Dirty floors will be around forever, little ones won't. You are such a good mom!

  3. We have had rain from the stromy weekend,it was/is much needed. We were so dry we had a burning ban,the river was so low you could see the bottom. Scary!

    So glad you had a great Saturday with your family.

  4. I have been reading and enjoying your lovely blog and would like to join your giveaway. I'm an older mum living in the UK and my children are are 'growed up' I am praying for my daughter who is about to get married to a kind, young Christian man. I think she is planning children soon and that the book would help her greatly as she decides whether to home-school. Yes I do love to hang out with my family, make our home welcoming and bake lots of goodies - nothing is more rewarding. Blessings to you and your followers : ))


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