Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good things…

Since I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my mastitis relapse or my awful migraine I had last night, I thought I would post about some good things. I can complain any ole day, right?

Well, first things first. My ultimate good thing is in fact, not a thing, it is a he and it’s him:

late spr 003

My baby daddy :)

Last week was our poorer than an Ethiopian cat week (aka the end of the month) because we are at the end of our budget. I decided it would be in our best interest for me to not run out and buy diapers, so I pulled out my 7 year old cloth diapers. I did cloth dipes in the day and sposies at night. I liked it so well that I bought the small pkg of diapers when we did go shopping and I’ve done cloth dipes this week as well! Here is Ms. Almost 8 mth old in her cloth dipe:

late spr 001

And a Tush view:

late spr 002

Must be nice to have a Patriotic Heiny, right? I mean, Luvs don’t have nothing on a 4th of July Heiny!

My wonderful MIL ate with us on Sunday which is rare (shame on us!) because we love going to her house so much. This, of course, has nothing to do with her being a wonderful cook. Absolutely nothing. And nothing to do with the fact that my kids will throw a fit with the best of ‘em when a Sunday trip to Gran-Gran’s is interrupted.

I’m sure my MIL noticed I mentioned to my MIL that I did not currently (post-kids) own a set of matching dishes, complete with saucers, cups, etc. I was planning to keep an eye out at yard sales for a cheap reasonably-priced set. Monday evening, she brings over this set for me to have:

late late spr 003


late late spr 005

Eat your Heart (er, plate) Out!

And, Amy, don’t be too jealous and all because I was really desperate for dishes. Seriously. And you know you’ll get all the first-rate antique plates. And crystal. And stuff. Okay, feeling better? :)

I have been a terrible mother. I have failed to tell you about the latest member of our family. As if. Meet Dixie:

jhkjh 002

Okay, she deserves another picture:

jhkjh 003

She is a Border Collie and very smart. And very much an outside dog now. Sorry, Dix, I just got too comfortable with just having one baby in diapers.

I don’t have any pictures, but May 1st officially meant Time to Go Swimming for our family. The kids AND dad went swimming and 10 minutes later, dad was drying off, teeth chattering, and well, the kids were still hard at it. Nothing phases kids. Not even sub-zero water temps.

Time for Mom to hand over the computer for Wednesday is Movie Day at our house. I’m about to bake some Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies and that’s a good great thing.

*Special thanks to Martha Stewart for her That’s a Good Thing quotes. Not that she’ll be reading this blog. In this decade. Or in my lifetime. Okay. Ever.


  1. Egad! Those are MY plates! :)...j/k....I have about 6 different plate patterns in my cabinet, too. Hmm...I wonder if Mom still has those dogwood plates I was supposed to collecting when I was 13? Other thoughts?

    You do have a good man.

    I covet your free access to poolside.

    Elijah covets Dixie.

    Emma covets the cloth diapers. She thinks disposables are hot and sticky and takes hers off any chance she gets.

    I'm also coveting the movie day with brownies, minus the mint. :)

    Have a good one!

  2. the fun updates. Sorry about the mastitis and migraine. Love the tushie cover. Looks like everyone here in Oregon at our Saturday market :) And I thought I was the only one that has to sssssssstttttrrrrreeeeeeetttch the budget till payday:) Hubby says I'm at my best with creative cooking when the budget is tight.

  3. Dear MIL, how sweet of her. She sounds quite a treasure. I love Dixie- she is adorable. I know about border collies as I have a collie cross.(You can see Honey in the Feminine Friday picture you kindly posted for me). They are very bright and good at getting their own way by behaving so cute when they want something.

  4. I think cloth diapering is FANTASTIC!!!! :) Glad you are liking it so much!

    That was so sweet of your MIL to bring you those dishes! :) They are darling!

    I am so sorry you had a migraine. I get those from time-to-time and they are just awful! I wouldn't wish them upon anyone! I hope you were able to get some rest and get rid of it quickly!

    Your sweet pup is adorable!!! Love her eyes!

    Have a great Thursday!!!

  5. Love this post... you're so hilarious! Good for you for breaking out the cloth, mama!! Had to laugh at your "poorer than an Ethiopian cat"... I totally relate, lol!

    Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage


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