Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Spiritual Sharing & To Do List

I am having a lovely morning here in my Haven in the country. My Ella went back to sleep early this morning and I had a wonderful time reading my Bible and praying out on my front porch. The Cares of life & Evils of this world just seem so far away when I am out on my front porch, listening to God, hearing His nature, and hearing the quietness, all simultaneously. Ah.


I am currently reading in the book of Genesis and I truly believe it is my favorite book. I very much enjoy the wonderfully true stories of God’s provisions, his wrath and incredible mercies, the deaths and births, promises coming true at the right time—it’s just all wonderful. This morning I read the story of Isaac and Rebekah and what a glorious story it is. There are so many things (for lack of a better word) one could pick out of this story to apply (ah..applications..that’s my word) to one’s life. Complete trust in God is what I gleaned from this story. The servant completely trusted his master, Abraham, enough to complete the seemingly strange task he had set for him to do. The servant trusted God to send the woman that was providentially designated for him to take back to Canaan. Rebekah trusted the servant enough to even water his camels (think about how we would feel today, in our flesh—“what a weirdo! He wants me to water his camels, too? He must be a pervert”). Laban trusted Rebekah enough to come to get the servant to take him home. The whole family trusted the servant enough to allow Rebekah to go with them (even if, understandably so, they didn’t want her to leave right away). And Rebekah trusted again enough to be willing to leave right away. Isaac trusted God to be willing to receive what God had in store for him. It is all goes back to being the result of Abraham’s complete trust in God (see Romans 4:3). I want to be like Abraham’s servant and be willing to be obedient to my master, no matter how unusual the request. I want to be like Rebekah and be trusting in God from the small things (i.e. watering the camels) to the large things (muy grande—marriage).

In my prayer time, I felt impressed to pray for myself (how unusual…) from my head to my feet. I wish I had time to share with you my prayer, but I have household duties awaiting me, somewhat too patiently, I might add. But, for my head, I prayed that God would help me to wear the Helmet of Salvation today and to also be in submission to Him as my head and to my husband as my head. For my feet, I prayed that He would shod them with the preparation of the gospel of peace and also lead me in the ways I should go. I also prayed that my feet would walk on Holy ground today as I go about my duties.

And if I pray in sincerity, God will always be faithful to reveal something in my life on which I need to work. Today was the ever present job of putting God first. He spoke to me on what that means for me. It was wonderful. I hope to share with you at a later time.

On to other more ‘carnal’, albeit important things, my first ever piano recital turned out great! I hope to maybe have some pictures downloaded or perhaps even a video clip of the recital in the very near future. Everyone did great, I sweated profusely under my arms, and only said, “you know”, about 27 times while talking. So there you have it. :) I’ll share more later, Lord willing.


I would love to see some of my blog readers share what your ‘to do’ list looks like. Today, my list looks like the following:

*Read Bible



*Begin Breakfast

*Spend 10 minutes in each room that is not in the main portion of our house.

*Spend 15 minutes in each room that is in the main portion of our house.

(Did I ever mention how much I love my timer?)

*Wash towels & washcloths.

*Get all laundry put up.

*Get some flowers planted.

*Play with my littles (Nana has the ‘eldests’ today).

What does your day look like?

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As for now, I’ve got the cutest-ever two year old in my lap, who desperately needs dry clothes (somebody forgot to put on him a diaper before bed). Add to list above, *Wash sheets.

Have a great day!


  1. I love peeking into your life and being encouraged. You have an amazing spirit and I love that you share, maybe not realizing how you uplift others with your posts. Thank you!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your Quiet time and I am so with you on the prayer. I usually daily pray for the Armor of God. Thanks for sharing.


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