Sunday, December 12, 2010


early December 058

Come, have a seat and let’s chat! To be honest, I have been so busy with LIFE that I haven’t taken the time to blog. I really enjoy blogging and reading other’s blogs, but sometimes I just get in a funk. Do you? Do you ever just get in a life funk? That happens to me as well.

Pile ups







Yea. Know what I mean? Isn’t it so easy for us mothers to feel overwhelmed? Sometimes I even have to get alone and things have to get quiet for me to even notice that I’m overwhelmed.

Amidst it all, I keep trying. I keep trying to get up early and pray, start my day off right. Sometimes it is only one day a week. I keep trying to be a cheerful, joyful mother. Even if I nearly cry every day when my dear man comes home because it’s just been one of those days.

I keep trying to get my priorities in order. I keep trying to make sure I listen for the laughter coming from the children’s rooms. I keep trying to make time for the things that matter.

I keep trying, all the while remembering that I am so fleshly. Sinful. Human.

I can’t do this mothering on my own.

I keep trying.

Are you struggling too? Be encouraged to know that you aren’t alone. Also, check out these writings from Ann Voskamp and you will be encouraged even more. I read them all and am encouraged to keep trying.

Not within myself.

Come back for a visit and I’ll let you know what’s been going on with us! :)


  1. Oh, honey, honey, you have life going on. Normal to feel like this, normal to be overwhelmed with a house full of little ones and no time to yourself and feel everything you listed. You are trying so hard to be the best mom, wife, etc. and it's hard to juggle all those balls at once.

    This is a season for you. A season of so MUCH with life so FULL and so BUSY that some days your head is spinning, right? Ok, to that I say....

    Do what you can, when you can and let the rest wait. Do for yourself, even if it means a hot bath by yourself is all you can muster, it will still feel good and it will be all for you. Keep in mind that this season will pass and in a few years you will dearly miss it.

    It's good for you to put your feelings down and recognize how you feel. If you need a good cry, cry. It's therapeutic. At the end of the day remember all the good stuff you did and don't stress over the rest.

    I'm so glad to see you back on your blog, even for this little bit. Big, big hugs to you.

  2. It feel like I wrote all the above myself. I ami n a funk.

  3. Monica, I'm so THERE. Trying. Struggling.


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