Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All in a day—Sickness

Feb 2011 pics 015

I am so sorry that I haven’t already posted my All in a Day blog post today, but I had to take my middle son to the doctor today. Poor thing has been sick since last Friday and has not been feeling well in almost 2 weeks. He has a case of the strep throat and the stomach flu (virus). Poor baby can’t keep anything down, not even water. He is such a great patient. He always goes to the bathroom in ample time, doesn’t whine about being sick, and is over-all a sweetheart. My heart breaks to see him so frail. We rarely go to the doctor—only if something persists or if there are symptoms I’ve never witnessed in my children. Throwing up and having diarrhea since Friday counted as a worthy visit to the doctor or nurse practitioner. My first cousin, who is a year older than I, has recently received her nurse practitioners license. I am so proud for her! It’s just nice to take them to someone you know and someone who already knows how you feel about certain medical issues, etc. Plus, we can catch up on old news and just have a nice visit. :)

My oldest son and my baby has had a bug as well this week. My oldest daughter has just tonight decided that she didn’t want to be left out of the sick club. No really, I’m sure after her first stomach troubles she would have gladly taken back all the comments she had made over the past few days about wanting to be sick. :) Could it have been all the extra attention her sick siblings were receiving? The cool pops, the ginger ale, the cuddles in Mama’s lap? :) Bless her. She’s always been so healthy, so much that even tonight she was asking what it feels like to throw up.

I hope she never finds out.

Poor Evan (pictured above..that was taken on Sunday…he and the couch have really bonded) has had so much diarrhea that tonight as I was mixing his probiotic in with a bit of applesauce (we are on the dreaded…antibiotic), he said, “Oh, Mama, look, it looks like poop”. :P

Anyway, to make an already long story shorter than what it would be had I talked about the originally intended subject, how my husband and I make time for each other, I wanted to say that I will have to forego my blog post for this week in order to take care of the afflicted. I will try to do the intended post in the next day or so and then hopefully, pick back up next week.

Please keep us in your prayers and I will leave you all with a few pictures I’ve taken over the last few days….

Feb 2011 pics 003Enjoying the warmer weather……..Yes!!

Feb 2011 pics 004  Warm days to hang out clothes!! :)

Feb 2011 pics 005 Dad and Papa building a chicken coop for the not so little chickens….

Feb 2011 pics 009 Papa letting the kids help….

Feb 2011 pics 010 His Saturday chore---stacking wood (he was NOT a diligent worker as he usually is….the next morning at 2am when I heard the big splat from the top bunk, I realized why it had been hard for him to get motivated). :(

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather…it has been near 70 degrees everyday this week….just beautiful, beautiful weather. Sooo thankful for the warm snap! :)


  1. Hope everyone gets better very soon. We've enjoyed the weather here as well. Weird for February, but welcome nonetheless :).

  2. So sorry to hear your little ones are sick...that sounds terrible! What a huge blessing that your cousin is a Nurse Practitioner!

    You have a nice clothesline...we don't have one at our new house, but I'm hoping to get one this spring. :)

    Praying you're all better soon!


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