Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just talking…

ETA...if you are joining from the All in a Day linkup, I will get my post up this afternoon sometime...please come back for a visit. :) Thanks!! :)

It seems I have let a few days go by without blogging. I don’t want to get back in to a no-blogging zone, but alas, I haven’t had a burning blog post on my mind as of late.

Maybe I’ll just share some photographs and talk and such.

I am redoing my bedroom and as soon as I finished painting and hang some curtains, I will have some photos to share. :)

I’ve only got the littles up with me this morning and it has been interesting to note how things are with 2 littles. I’m reminded of when my oldest two was this size and I had no older children. :) That actually should be a sad face.

Okay, a few pictures…

late january 002 I enjoy decorating for each holiday and Valentines is no exception. I don’t go all out, but I do enjoy adding a few splashes of pink (oh, how I love pink) to our neutrals of greens, browns, and reds.

The kids made a banner for the mantle. I just cut out some circles from paper plates, put some sequins, glitter, feathers, and yarn on the table and they did not disappoint.

late january 004

christmas pics 022

I replaced this coffee table with the one below for a more functional, organizational one.

late january 005 Purchased from my favorite store, Dirt Cheap (in lieu of TARGET), for $16.99!

late january 007 Ella’s new ‘mean eyes’…she furrows her brows a bit more than this usually….

late january 009Miss this guy when he is out of town!! :/

late january 010

Emory’s best ‘pirate’ pose, ‘ARGH’

late january 011 I can have ice cream!

late january 013

Daddy & Ella

late january 014

Look at this handsome cutie….poor thing had a rough night with the virus bug last night. :(


Yesterday, while reading my Bible, I came across this scripture and it had been a LONG time before a scripture really touch my heart like this one did. Wow.

When my soul fainted within me I remembered the Lord: and my prayer came in unto thee, into thine holy temple. Jonah 2:7

Ever have times you just need to remember the Lord?

I love God’s word!


The book, Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz (and the other one by him) is a GREAT book. If you have sons, get this book. It is a great read to read along with your sons, but, hey, It has helped me TONS!

Just a recommendation that will be well worth your reading time.

You can get it from Vision Forum.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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