Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Season of Friendship...

There was once a time in my life that I really thought I didn't need friends.
Yeah. Crazy, huh?
I actually didn't care to show myself friendly. Cordial, but not chummy. The thought of making new friends was very intimidating and too much of a coming-out-of-my-comfort zone- venture.
I had my husband, who continues to be my very best friend, and my children. I had my dear friend who wears the title, sister-if I just had to tell a secret or needed small scale advice. My dear friend who has the label of sister-in-law and I share similar interests and always have had a great time together.
My bestest childhood friends, although still my friends, were far removed from me, primarily in distance. Great texting buddies.
There was once a time in my life the Lord saw a void that I honestly didn't see or feel. He decided to feel that void. Gradually...but to overflowing.

Enter a new pastor's wife. My need for a constant and contagious smile. My need for a listening ear. Someone who is a compliment to my loudness by softness. My need for a captivating audience no matter how boring my conversation really is. Yes, a friend.

Enter a new pastor's wife's sister-in-law. My need for compliments. My need for a smile. My need for affirmation. Someone who strives to try and tries to strive. Me too, ya know? Yes, a friend.

Insert a younger-than-I piano student. My need for a student. Not just a piano student either. Someone to listen and put up with and sometimes even follow my advice and amazing wisdom (said sarcastically). My need for a pregnancy buddy. Someone with whom to share all-natural labor and delivery horror stories. Go us, huh? :) My need for a shopping buddy.  My need for someone else with many small kids. My need for someone else who wants more small kids. (maybe...) Yes, a friend.

Enter a new female church member. My need for laughter. Good, belly laughs. My need for a sewing and crafting motivator. My need for child training example. My need for strength (this girl is a tough one)! My need for no-nonsense, stability, and to-the-point honesty. Yes, a friend.

My cup is overflowing with wonderful friends.
And I'm feeling right chummy.
And I'm better for it.
And I'm thankful.
Now to publish, close down my computer, and give my full attention to my lastly mentioned, and most recent, friend. Time to talk hairbows and to get in a few belly laughs. Ah, life is good.


  1. made your pastor's wife cry! I treasure your friendship too.

  2. And you described them to a "t". They are pretty awesome!! Friends are the best gifts!


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