Tuesday, September 22, 2009


First of all, Happy Fall to my readers and dear friends! This is truly my favorite season of the year. The only thing I hate to see go is the greeness of everything. I hate for the grass to die and things to look dreary. I hope to get some fall flowers planted over the next few weeks to spruce up my fall yard. Speaking of my yard, it definitely needs a lot of work. I haven't been outside much at all lately. As soon as I feel like I can get out there and not get reprimanded for 'doing too much too soon' (ha) I'm gonna have a yard day. Anyway, I hope to get out my fall decor today and maybe I will even bake something that will remind us of fall.

We sure are enjoying our new baby, Ella. She is so sweet as any newborn is, but so special because she's ours! I already can't imagine not having another baby, I know that is crazy to some. Maybe God has just turned my heart toward a big family. I can't understand the attitude, "We are Done, that is it for us" just like those ppl can't understand my attitude of "We are not done". :) So, maybe the Lord has just changed my heart and thoughts. Things aren't perfect..if fact there are some Challenges....

My main challenge has been how to make sure I'm spending enough time with the children, nuturing them, cultivating their interests, discipling them both when they need it and appropriately, teaching them, etc.. The house gets cleaned, but I'm not sure I'm being to my children or husband what I need to be. It's an act of daily dying to self and my own agenda. Instead of saying Good Morning, Lord when my feet hit the floor, I need to say, Lord, today I need to die, if you understand what I am saying. Sometimes the Lord gives me wisdom to know what to do as a parent and how to handle a situation, but often I will do it my way. :( Anyway, I'm constantly reminded of God FIRST, Husband SECOND, children THIRD, Me LAST. Now, I don't want to sound like I sit around and read magazines, stay on the internet, or the phone all day while my children run crazy, but what I am saying is that sometimes I fail to do what the Lord speaks to me to do as a wife and mother and then things become challenges. My son has been a challenge to me for awhile. I am at a place with him where I could really mess up if I fail to listen to God's wisdom that He so kindly offers. He is only 6, but at times he can be a challenge to me. He needs 100% consistency right now and that is a challenge when I am tending to other things that 'I' think are important. He has to have a schedule or he misbehave most of the day, it seems. I've got to do what it takes to make sure he is on a schedule even if it conflicts with my schedule. My little girl and little boy have got to have 100% consistency as well.

Well, He's still workin on me, to make me what I ought to be! I really appreciate it when the Lord gives me wisdom, I just have to remember to heed to it and not forget it.

Now, challenges like what to do when I have to go to the store with all 4, I'm still waiting on that wisdom.... :)

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  1. I've decided I'm done with caring about what other people think. You've got to do what is best for you and yours. I catch myself thinking, "Well, I know what so and so would say about this"--whether it's an outfit, the paint color for my kitchen, or the size of a hairbow for my girls' hair. NO MORE.

    You do have your hands full w/ your eldest, I KNOW because I know he is just like his Daddy was :). But look at what a wonderful man he has become--there is hope! :)And his Mom didn't have all the knowledge that we do. So he'll be even better.

    Wish I lived closer, I'd come help you w/ your yard!

    Love ya,


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