Friday, September 25, 2009

Daily routine...

I hope you are having a fine Friday. The weather is really nice today, temps not too hot, breeze blowing a bit. It just tells me that Fall weather is on its way! Yeah! My parents took my 3 oldest to the MS Pecan Festival for a sort of field trip, so Ella and I are just hanging around. I'm cleaning up a bit, but still have a good ways to go before I finish my chores. I am mowing some grass a bit here and there as well. People may think it's outrageous to be mowing grass 2.5 weeks Postpartum, but I really feel good. I had one day last week that I felt like I was relapsing, so to speak, but I took the day off (my mom came and got the kids, bless her) and the next and just rested. I'm better now. My recovery has been wonderful!
Since Ella is now 2.5 weeks old, I've pretty much settled into a routine that will suffice for now. When she gets about 3 months old and cuts her sleeping down a bit, I'm sure I'll have to adjust the routine a bit. It's been awhile since I've posted my routine, so here's what it looks like.
Most mornings, we get up a little before 8. I love getting up early in the winter, having a cup of coffee, reading and praying by the fireplace, so I hope I can get back into that before too long. Sure beats squeezing it in during a busy part of the day! Ella will sleep until 10 or so, so I can be free from the bondage of the couch for awhile. :o) I try to get one chore down upon awaking. I have a 'running' list of chores that I have cut up and folded. I draw one out of the jar and that way I'm doing a random chore...makes for a fun new way to do chores. You might want to try it! :) It also ensures that my chores get done for the day (well, almost). :) Breakfast comes next and it could be anything! :) I usually have a list of my menus, but if I'm out of groceries, it's pretty much what I can muster up! :) One day this week we had Oatmeal, the next day, we had French toast and Jelly, yesterday was Cereal...etc. After breakfast, I read a few verses from the Bible and we discuss these. This week we have been reading in 1Timothy. Even Evan gets involved. He will 'reanswer' a question after the others have already answered it. :) After devotions, the kids do table will clear the table and the other will wipe it off. While the kids get on the rug to play (blocks, with their animals, dinosaurs, cars, etc...if they don't know what to play, I will put toys on the rug and they will play with them) while I do 2 more chores. By 10 am, they will do their Math Schoolwork, Em in his schoolbook and Erin on the VTech Computer. Evan is wandering around with Mama at this time. :) Ella usually wakes up and I will feed her while the kids work on whatever. I will dress her and bathe her off (still can't have a full bath) during this time. After Math, the kids and I go outside for a bit to play Kickball or something else. They both are into throwing the football right now. ?? After cleanup around 11, they can do Table activities (ie puzzles, playdoh, etc) while I do a chore and fix a bit to eat for lunch. After lunch, the kids do their table chores, and it is Story time. Right now we are reading the second Box Car Children book. They loved the first one, so I was pleased to find the second one at our library. The last book we read was The Secret Garden and they loved that one as well. After story time, it is time for Pick up. Now, this usually takes quite some time. Their toys are everywhere by this point and Evan has gone around and dumped out toys in different places. I promise it doesn't take the same amount of time to dump out the toys as it takes to pick them up. :) Once he picks up, he goes to bed for his 2 hour (usually) nap. The kids and I finish our schoolwork and I am doing some chores along the way. At 3, they have resttime and usually at least one will fall asleep. At 4, I start supper and as the kids get up they sort of have their own playtime. When daddy comes home, It's supper and family time until baths (around 7:30) and bed (around 8:45-9:30). I usually go to bed whenever Ella does for the final time. It's usually around 10ish. This is our schedule in a nutshell. I hope that one day next week, I can take some pictures of "Our Day" and post on here like I did one time a year or so ago. Now, our days aren't perfect. In fact, yesterday at 12pm, we were 2 hours under Most days, their outside time is really short because we are trying to get everything in (school is #1 priority, yk?). But, this is it on a good day! :)
Oh, and the kids help me with the chores too. If I draw out, "Change the trash", then that is Erin's job. They both clean their rooms, Emory takes out the trash, gets the mail, takes the sheets off the bed, hangs up his clothes, etc. Erin will feed the dog and cat. They are good kiddos! :)
We've had a good week. It is so busy, but good. Looking forward to fall in its fullness! :)


  1. that's a lot for 2 weeks pp. hope you don't get burned out!! Have a great day!

  2. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind comment on my blog! I really appreciate it! It is so wonderful to "meet" you! :) I hope you have a lovely weekend! :)


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