Thursday, October 1, 2009

Freakies and Funnies

Hope you are getting lots of snuggle time under fleece blankets during this cool snap! I know I am. It gets cold quick in our old, drafty house. We go from running our air conditioner one day to turning on the heater the next. :) Extreme temps.
We have had a good week. The kids have been really good and my hormones are getting back to normal, so things have been smooth this wk. Little cleaning, little cooking, little schoolin, little lovin! :) My life, that's it.
For the freaky part--ever since we got bk from having Ella, Evan will say, "Mama, where's Mama and Daddy?" and "I want to go home." ?? I guess the short hospital stay got to him?
A couple of funnies from the wk...6 yr old Emory is 'dieting' with his dad on the Daniel fast (see link in previous post) and doesn't want any animal products to eat. He is so gung-ho on this and asks with everything I set before him...does it have meat or is it an animal product? He is so much like his father, already! His father has always been the type to do something 100%!
Erin, Tues night, wanted to know if we could plant some of those bubble gum seeds so we could have some bubble gum plants! :) Sounds good to me!
Have a good weekend! Lord willing, I'm having a yard sale this weekend. I would LOVE to do well with it!


  1. Can I get some of those bubble gum seeds? :) Don't you just love kids, glad that you are back to blogging. I have missed reading what is going on in your household.

  2. Glad things are going well for you! :) Best of luck with your yard sale!!! They are definitely alot of work!!! :) I hope you do really well with it!
    OH..and I am *totally* enjoying this wonderful cool weather which gives me the opportunity to cozy up under a quilt with my knitting or snuggling with my family! :)


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