Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Hooked!

Here I am, all snuggled under a quilt, sitting next to a fire, uh, I mean a gas-powered heater (it should be wrong to use that many commas in one sentence), pretty much enjoying the colder weather. The cold feet, the cold floor, the cold house, all of that is seeming very familiar to me really quickly.
These nursing sessions, er, marathons, have allowed me to surf a bit on the internet. Hands down my favorite thing to do with this nice invention they call the internet, is to read blogs. I have a very nosy (did I say that? Curious is a better word) tendency and an insatiable desire, it seems, to peek into other people's lives. Ok, so nosy is probably a better term.
Well, thanks to my sister-in-law, Amy, I'm now hooked on my nest, um, I mean my next, blog, The Nester. You can find the link on Amy's blog. That way it will take you a few seconds longer to get hooked than if I directly link you. So. Go on. Get hooked. You will look at your home in a whole new light. The craftiness in you will come from somewhere, deep my case..WAY deep down. I mean, it's been a YEAR since I've used my glue gun. The Nester uses hers so much that she has named it. (yeah, I've read almost all the archives..guilty). And she is just so. totally. cool. Oh, and if a new blog addiction isn't enough, just click on her sister's blog linky button thingy. Just sayin.
Well, here are a few attempts to get my 'nest on'. Just some little touchups I've done around the place, a few spots I've cozied up, or bits of advice from the Nester that I've put into play. I'm totally inspired. If tomorrow is pretty, I will be sanding my porch furniture getting ready to paint. I envision black porch furniture with some cool pillows (sewn by moi, or hot glued..hehe) on my chairs, etc... Too bad I can't 'mistreat' my front screen door, because it really needs replacing and that will be $$. Hint..lest you think I would be taking a sledge hammer to my screen door, visit the Nester to see what I mean by 'mistreat'.
And now for la photos..
Just a simple centerpiece arrangement, actually done by my son Move a lamp to the I love this..the soft glow of the lamp is so nice at night..especially in a clean kitchen (ps. the small glass bowl on top of the recipe card box is where I keep my 'running' list of chores that I draw out of the 'hat'...psycho, I know)

How 'bout some door with that wreath?
Moved this from the front porch (it didn't really 'go' there) it's got purple on it and I mean, it should be orange or brown to be a candidate for the front door. It almost looks like a spider with the 'legs' hanging down. Must fixt that. Looks good IRL.

Can you spot the missing bowl?

This area was Pre-Nester and I have managed to keep it clutter free and clean for about 2 months now. Love it.

And if every chair in your home doesn't have a pillow in it, you don't know the rules. Also, old chairs helps you score points. I win! (Stay tuned to see the replacement day)

And what does 70% off of 12.95 equal? A very happy nester. A 'Dirt Cheap' find. Just in case you need a closer look:
Totally wonderful. And it's made outta burlap. That counts for a lot these days.

Mix all that up and add at least one cute kid (below) and you on your way to having a nice nest.


  1. LOL I can relate to that "curiosity" AKA nosiness! I love to read blogs too. In nosing around yours I notice you use Agave Nectar. I just bought some but I'm not sure how to figure out the amount to use for sweetening. A lady I met in the store said 3 T for a gallon of tea. We tried it. It cut the bitterness but just tasted like unsweetened tea. How do you use yours?

  2. So glad I'm not alone in my addiction :). Your house is so cozy and charming! Enjoyed this blog very much! :)

    p.s. I left a looong comment and somehow it's not posted. Hopefully, it won't post out of nowhere, then there'll be two of 'em! :)


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