Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Advent Activities

I have just a few minutes before my quiet time must come to an end. There is a pretty massive kitchen mess awaiting me, so I need to get that tackled before my little ones wake up. My camera has died (again..it works for about 5 days in a row) so I will have to hold off on two posts that I wanted to do...Emory's birthday and a post about some great Bargains I have got lately. This year we are actually doing our Advent Activites as opposed to just making the craft. Last night we had 'Game Night' (part of the advent activities we are doing) and really had a good time playing games as a family. Daddy, Emory, and I played Scrabble (which I love), and Erin and I played a Memory game (at the same time...multitasking), Evan drawed some and visited. Ella slept for awhile, but was in my lap for the last half of the game. All of this happened after our Meat Loaf supper. I turned off the lights to the kitchen and went to spend time with my family. This is hard for me to do, but thankfully, it is getting easier. I thank the Lord for helping me sorta get my priorities in line. I don't want to have any regrets!

Stay tuned for more updates on our Advent Activities...

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  1. Very cute. I did a advent craft and we haven't got to do but one activity. I think that it I kinda planned to many big things. So, I am going to pick a few of the things I want to make sure we do and focus on those this year.


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