Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blog Funk...

I've been trying to decide what I want to do with my blog for the year 2010 and I can't make up my mind. What direction do I want to take? Do I want it to be more of a Journal for me? A daily post of the day's events? More spiritually focused? More homemaking tips and advice for others? I really can't decide. One thing is for certain is this..there is no way I'll be able to post every day or even every other day. I apologize to you, my readers. Most of you are as busy as I. In fact, this morning, I'm able to post because it's 9:00 am and all my children are still asleep! I've had my quiet time, got a fire started, got Ella back to sleep and now having some computer time.
Everytime I pull up my blog, I sort of stare at it blankly, wondering what is the next step? I really would like to have a journal which would record important happenings in my life for my personal use, but I don't that would be of interest to others. Then there is the thought, well it's MY blog and it's for me anyway, you know? But, I so enjoy writing about women issues dealing with homemaking and becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. I love posting recipes and cooking ideas as well. So hmm....
What do YOU think my blog should contain in it's pages?
For now, I'm still hiding out in "Blog Funkland". :)


  1. You have many talents, an adorable family, and a wealth of knowledge to share. It would be a shame if you lost your true voice by focusing only on one part of your life.

  2. I love hearing about you, but also love when your write about your days in homemaking, spiritual walking, homeschooling. After all those are apart of who you are. I also struggle with blog blankness. I am here for whatever you decide.


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