Thursday, January 14, 2010

Video Recs

In the past few weeks, we have purchased a few videos that we thought would be beneficial to our family. We are focusing on viewing more things individually and as a family that will be educational or spiritual instead of strictly entertaining. For Christmas, we got us (as a family) these Moody Bible Institute Science Videos. If you want yourself or your children to experience God as the Creator, get these videos. With each one you watch, you will be exclaiming over just how awesome your God is. They are very interesting and super informative. Even my 4 year old wants to watch a 'Science video'. Of course, my 7 year old loves them. He has his favorites already.
I got the Homesteading for Beginners Video for Christmas from my husband. I was excited right away because it was Pearl-related and I love products by the Pearls (from No greater Joy Ministries). It is so wonderful and incredibly entertaining. My children love it also because it has children in it. I can't recommend it highly enough. I think I might just be able to butcher a chicken after watching it. Really. Get it now.
Lastly, we got the videos, The Joy of Training and Teaching Responsibility from Michael and Debi Pearl. They are just fantastic. Most of the material covered in the video I had already read in their books/articles, but it was so interesting to see Mike Pearl in action and to see the photographs/videos. Very good child training videos. I just wish every parent in the world could watch and utilize the wisdom imparted in these videos. Wonderful.
Let me know if you have any family friendly video recs or if you have any comments regarding my recommendations.

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