Friday, February 12, 2010

Focus Area: Kitchen

After finding this blog last night and reading her recent blog entry on the kitchen and keeping it tidy, I decided to follow her advice. Namely, the advice of taking everything off of my counters and removing clutter. Taking everything off that doesn't get used very often. I am soo pleased with the results. Please overlook the overlookables in my kitchen. It is very old and needed to be updated, like, 20 years ago. However, it's my kitchen and it's where I stay the most! :o)
Before my Manic Cleaning (yea, it's pretty embarrasing)


Before...(notice the snow out the window which is very rare for us! Also in the window are two Christmas candles and a moldy bread/apple Science exp...yea it's in a plastic bag..:)

After...ahhh... ('s dark now!)

After of the stove area...forgot to take a before pic...

Made some cookies in my new kitchen! :) It's wonderful to have things decluttered in there.

PS Thanks for the couple comments regarding family size. I haven't worried as much about it today, because it's officially up to my husband anyway! Whew..what a load off...:)


  1. I'm laughing with you because it's so hard to keep on top of the kitchen when you have a family. You just roll from one meal, snack, meal, snack to the next. The good news is that you have a wonderful family to cook for. I'd rather have a messy kitchen and family than a spotless kitchen and nobody to cook for.

  2. Way to go!!!
    I looks great!

    What a beautiful family you have, by the way.

  3. Just discovered your blog through Candy @ Keeping the Home, and I am enjoying reading through it! It's neat to see your photos of your kitchen. My kitchen is OFTEN messy...a result of cooking a lot for a growing family! Very rarely is it perfectly neat and tidy, but it is a good feeling when it is, isn't it? Clutter is a menace to all parts of the home, and I do love the simple and tidy look. Just have a hard time achieving it! I agree with you on family size, too. It should definitely be up to God and our husbands, but it's something I've struggled with too - only, wanting more. I think we are done at 3 and I am trying to be happy and content with the blessings God has given us. Each one is a precious treasure.

  4. I second the no clutter way! I find I enjoy my kitchen a lot more if my counters are tidy and as clutter free as possible!


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