Friday, February 26, 2010

She riseth while it is still night....

The thing that ‘goes on’ the most is that I’m a very busy mama. Whew. No time to blog this week. I ‘try’ to get up at 5am every morning and have for over a year now. I felt the Lord speaking to me to do this one day as I was feeling overwhelmed about my lack of devotion time and my increase of a messy house. I was sweeping my living room, just about in tears, and felt the Lord whisper to me, “5am”. Don’t you love how he just quietly leads us? He’s such a gently, loving Savior. Read here and here for my previous blogs about this.

Well, since the baby has come, my 5am mornings are very hit-and-miss. I will set my alarm and if the baby is nursing or awake, I usually won’t get up. My plan is to lay there until the baby quits nursing or goes back to sleep, but it is I, I’m afraid, who goes back to sleep. I really feel that convicting Spirit on those days that I have overslept. My day doesn’t go well and I’m not as spiritually minded throughout the day. It’s amazing what I get done on the days I start at 5am! Even if I don’t get up and moving until after the kids are awake!

There are a lot of benefits to getting up early. Benefits that totally surpass the benefits of a couple of extra hours of sleep. My favorite benefit is uninterrupted Bible and Prayer time. I’ll admit, there are tons of times that I have fallen asleep or just half-heartedly prayed because I was so sleepy, but the Lord will still help me so much through the day because of my efforts. He is soooooo faithful.

If you are struggling with getting things done or with missing your prayer time alone with your Saviour, pray about what time God would have you get up. He knows your body and he has a time just for you. Laine at Laine’s Letters felt compelled to get up at 4am and has done so for many years now. Thankfully, I get an extra hour than she does (ha), but that is what she felt the Lord dealing with her about and she is obedient. You can read about her reaping great rewards for her obedience.

I fall all the time. I literally fall back into sleep and slumber often. But, the next day I can only try again! And I’m so impressed at the Lord on the days I obey.

God Bless you today, my dear Blog friend!


  1. I could write a book detailing all the times the Lord has nudged me. I'm so glad He leads.

  2. Monica, it was almost painful to read this. I used to have a wonderful morning routine, getting up @ 5 and having about two hours with the Lord before the day officially begun for me. Since my MIL moved in, things have changed in the mornings, and my time alone has taken a nose dive. I feel so discouraged about it. I need it. I want it. But I don't know how to get there. I need a consistent, dependable routine, and things are different with another person getting up in the house, visiting my "alone room" while I am praying and reading. It is imperative that my children are not awake any earlier than what they already are, and my MIL doesn't know how to converse softly, if you know what I mean. I guess the devil is using this to really fight me, as he knows how much I need it. But I'm not going to stop trying! Pray fer me :).

  3. Oh wow, I feel good when I get up at 6 (which is my normal wake up time but it's so hard to get out of that bed)! By early summer I'm hoping to do get up by 5 or 5:30. The northwest winters (or southwest BC) are so dark and rainy that it makes mornings very difficult. Good for you to rise early! Sarah Mae over at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee has a link to the 5:16 club here: Makes it easier when you know you're not the only one out of bed early! I really value my time alone with the Lord in the mornings. It's so beneficial to all aspects of life! Sorry for the long comment!! :)

  4. I have also struggled with this. I am able to get up at 6 or 6:30am but anything earlier than that is so very hard.

    I pray that the Lord continues to guide you in this and maybe to pray for a later time :)

    I have thouroughly enjoyed your posts. Thank you for sharing,


  5. Luckily, for me, I am a naturally early riser. I get up between 4:30-5:00 or so each morning. I have never needed an alarm. Now, my hubby, on the other hand...oh he is a bear to wake up in the morning!!! :) He can stay up later than I can though!

    I just want to encourage you to meet with God when you doesn't matter what time of day. Being a wife and mama is so busy...God knows your heart. If meeting with him *before* bed is better and you find you can give Him more attention at that time...then do that. There is no rule about having to get up early. But go with what God leads you to do....but please don't push yourself to do something that is directed by feeling pressure to be the perfect mom and woman! God is LOVE. :) He knows your efforts. He knows your struggles..and He loves you! :)


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