Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goings on…

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Just because I like this picture…

It’s been some time now since I’ve posted a “Goings On” post, so I decided to give you a little update of what is and has been going on at our household!

On Feb 13, we were going out to eat for Valentine’s Day and someone hit our van from behind. Thankfully, we didn’t have the 2 kids that sit in the backseat with us—only Ella—and she was buckled in her car seat in the second seats. No one was hurt, to speak of. The lick was enough to total our van, so yesterday, we went and got us a ‘new’ van! It’s an ‘05 Town & Country with almost 70,000 miles on it. It’s a beautiful blueish green (metallic) color and while it doesn’t have some of the ‘bells and whistles’ my previous van had on it (such as a DVD player and leather), I’m so thankful that we have a lower monthly payment! Way lower. We are finally learning how to car shop! :oP I really, really dislike car shopping so I’m glad that’s over.

Our bathroom that we (or my husband) have been remodeling for 2 years is just about to get the ceiling boards put up. I’m so excited. We purchased the boards from an old school they were tearing down, so he had to strip the many paint colors and re do everything. We are excited at how it’s going to turn out! I hope once we get the ceiling up and the walls, things will begin to happen fast. I will post pics of the process, I’m sure!

Lets see…more ‘around the house’ news is we are getting ready to begin our seeds for spring gardening! We have the seeds and yesterday, I bought some of the supplies to start our seeds indoors. Our winter has been just that—winter—for a change, so I’m thinking that we might see a frost up till April. I’m excited about our garden this year and usually am until it’s time for pickin’. Heehee.

We are still teaching music lessons—me, piano and Bradley, guitar. We really enjoy it and it gives just a little spending money that we don’t have to budget. I currently have 6 students and that is my limit! I have 4 on a waiting list, but I plan on keeping my 6 I have now! :) They are doing great! I teach ‘by ear’ but my students learn the notes and chording methods. One 9 year old boy I teach has had 9 lessons and he was playing with 2 hands (chording and ‘fill-in’) at the 7th lesson! :) I never thought I could teach piano, but with the Lord’s help (always he receives the credit), I’m doing it! :)

The kids…(if you’re still reading by now…:o)

Emory is doing well in school…catches on so well and has a great memory! We still try to get in a full school day at least 3 to 4 days a week. I cannot recommend the book “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons” enough if you are ready to teach your child to read. He is on his 2nd Hardy Boys book at just over 7 years old!

He is becoming a typically boy..always making race car noises and in some imaginative world most of the time. He got a bike for Christmas and learned how to ride it within a couple of days. It is his favorite thing to do and when we have warm days (what’s that?), he will stay out for an hour or so riding his bike!

Seven year olds are so much fun. He can do everything for himself now and he is well behaved and obedient. We have finally arrived to this point (whew). I knew consistency would pay off, but now we have to maintain! :) I didn’t know anything about child training with him in the beginning, so we are a little late with his ‘arrival’—2 year old is already very obedient—but I’m so proud of my son! :)

Okay, gee..this is long…Erin, my 4 year old, is getting prissy and bossy and I don’t like it one bit. LOL We are getting ready to start teaching her to read and that’s what we’ll do for the next year for ‘Kindergarten’. She’ll do some writing and numbers, but basically I’ll be teaching her to read. She still loves to play, play, play and her favorite spot is our garden, which she calls the Sahara and the ‘Dead Lands’. Haha Her favorite things are still chips and Littlest Pet Shops and her cousin Elijah…:)

Evan is my sweetheart. He is sooo sweet and right now can come up with the cutest things to say. He is always hungry..ha…but he has it confused with boredom, I think. He is very tenderhearted and I’ve learned that it doesn’t take the same type of discipline for him as it did my knuckleheaded son..haha. Anyway, Evan is in a place between wanting to be independent and still wanting mama to lay with him for naps (which I rarely can do). :) Cute boy. He gives a new meaning to ‘terrible twos’—TERRIFIC twos! :)

Ella is still enjoying being the baby…nursing…sleeping…rolling over…playing…and ADORING her big brothers and sister! She likes me for the milk and loves her brothers and sisters for everything else. :) She has a feisty temper and is starting to throw a fit if you take something away from her (like, paper..). Look out!

Anyway…life is great. God is SOOO good to us. He DAILY answers prayers for us, both little and big, and has us in mind all the time. I’ve said it before…How could someone not serve the Lord? I’m so glad he pilots OUR ship!

I would love to hear an update on your family! Let me know if you do a post on the Goings On at your household! :)


  1. So sweet, all the catch ups of your family. I'm glad none of you were hurt in the accident. I, too, hate, no despise, car shopping. I always feel like I'm in a bad, expensive dream.

    Your kids sound adorable.

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