Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to be humble…

Hope you’re having a great week so far. I have had a really rough week Monday and Tuesday where I just about lost my mind not once but three times. Seriously. You would really be feeling sorry for me if I blogged about my pitiful state, but, alas, I won’t. This time. Basically it boils down to the kids’ behavior being out of sorts Monday and yesterday I had a sore throat, headache, and nausea, plus I had to take our rent car back with 4 kids (thankfully, my MIL came along, but you know the kids were still, and both days my house was so disastrous to the point of nearly driving me insane! It has been ruff. :) The sun is shining today and already I’m uplifted. I felt like I got permission to sleep a little later this morning from my Father, so He knows my body better than me (been gettin’ up at 5ish and going to bed late). The kids are so great and keep me going even on bad days. They never say the house is messy too. Last night I mentioned to Erin that I was sorry that the house was always messy and she said, “Mom, Emory and I know how to relax in a messy house.” Don’t you love kids??

Well, my post was supposed to be about being humble before God. I guess my messy house keeps me humble. :) Really, I have something great to share with you today. I found this in my SIL ‘s (brother’s wife) Bible one day and hurried to copy it down. I kept it in my Prayer Closet at my last house and at this house it is on my frig.

How to Humble Yourself Before God:

1. Don’t depend on self. Now how many times do we women say, “No, I got it” or “I can handle it”. We even try to carry things we should give to the LORD.

2. Don’t defend yourself. Yikes. I’ve done this many times and have heard other women do it. “I don’t always do ABC, but I always do XYZ.” “One thing can be said of me, I always see that my kids’ hair is brushed before we go out.” OUCH

3. Don’t desire praise. Haven’t we all done this? Secretly, we hoped someone would notice something we had done.

4. Don’t dodge waiting. Just this week, I was guilty of putting off calling some ladies to sing at our upcoming Ladies Conference. I’ll do it tomorrow. There was no reason to wait. I just wanted to put it off.

5. Don’t destroy others. Need I say more? Anyone have a band-aid for my Ouch?

6. Don’t demand pleasures. We want what others have so many times. Why can’t we have a nice kitchen? Etc…

7. Don’t delay repenting. Repentance keeps us humble. It also keeps the constant fellowship with God goin’ on. If there’s sin in our hearts, we will be lifted up with pride, more than likely.

Aren’t those great?! Print ‘em up and put them on your fridge or in your prayer closet. :)


  1. I am sorry you have had a rough few days. I have times like that too. Some days...I just need a good cry. I hope the rest of the week is much better for you! :)

    I love the Humbling list you posted. Each point is true and a great reminder. :)

  2. Rough days are part of being a mommie...but I do understand them and we try to live above them.

    Thank you for posting this...I am going to copy it and put it on my blog...print it and give it to several of my friends...paste it to the inside of my bible.

    May we continue to encourage each other in Our Walk,


  3. Loved the suggestions on staying humble before the Lord... sore toes for me. :)

    I totally understand your rough days... sounds like some of the days I have frequently. It may sound silly, but it's nice to hear that other mommies sometimes despair of keeping a clean house and a sane mind. Sometimes I feel "guilty". Lord, teach me to enjoy my children more!!

    Loved your daughter's quip... my kids seem to relax BETTER in a messy house. Live and learn!

    Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage


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