Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Afternoon & Evening….Monday

If you didn't ready my Morning post, please scroll down and read it below this will make things a lot less confusing!

Sorry for the delay….let’s get back to my day! :)

Kids start school at 12pm. I start my oldest daughter in Kindergarten today as she is now 5 years old. She does really well and is super excited!

my day 024

In the near future I hope to do a Home School Day post…. Here Erin is doing a shapes worksheet (coloring the shapes that have equal sides) and Emory is doing his Bible Study that he does on Monday. You can’t see Evan, but I think he was playing with Play-Doh.

Around 12:15, I put a chicken in the Crock Pot to thaw and cook for tonight’s unknown supper. I’ll think of something between now and then (I ended up using it to make Chicken Salad Sandwiches for the following day’s lunch).

I am beginning to feel the weak trembles (as my Grandmother use to say) from the empty calorie Honey Bun I ate for Breakfast, so I snack on pecans. I start lunch which consisted of leftover Vegetable Venison Soup and Garlic Toast.

my day 026

Very yummy and satisfying. I have the picky-est daughter in the world, so she just had toast. Sometimes we will make her eat 2 or 3 bites during our supper meal, but for lunch she can eat fruit or something else healthy instead. I don’t give her a bag of chips or a hot dog while we eat healthy. :)

At 12:30, the Living Room now looks like this:

my day 025

My motto for this picture is, “We’re not trying to have a clean house, just a lot of fun.” :)

Ella awakes at 12:55 and I feed her somewhere between 1-2pm. (The details start to get sketchy here…)

At 2pm, I read Evan a Max and Ruby story (notice my nice posture and Ella’s hunger for paper pages)

my day 028

and it is time for his nap. He goes to sleep instantly.

my day 030

At 3, Ella is back down for her late afternoon nap. The laundry now looks like this (sorry so dark):

my day 031

I am still washing clothes…lots of cleaning/straightening is still to be done!

Emory is still working on schoolwork at 3:23. He is very distracted today. Not misbehaving, but just very distracted. My husband says that is just how he was. For example, Emory’s chore (I skipped posting about chores somehow) was to sweep their bedroom. It takes him about 10 minutes because he finds sweeping at the light fixture and ceiling fan more entertaining. Distracted.

Erin is supposed to be napping at this time, but we still haven’t done her reading (I’m just starting to teach her to read).

At 3:30, Erin is down for her nap after finishing reading. She is still not thrilled about learning—maybe she was sleepy?

my day 032

I had a small break here to myself while Emory did his outside chores (his daddy assigns him a different outside job to do daily). Today it was picking up some sticks that had fallen by the house.

my day 034

While he was outside and the others asleep, I worked on the Living Room and did more laundry.

At 4:00 Emory and I do his Language and History. He learned about the articles, a, an, and the. In History, he learned about Chinese calligraphy/pictograms and how they were the first to write this way.

At this time, my dear husband called to ask if we wanted to eat at the new Mexican restaurant in town. He had received a gift cert from the Home School Asso. at where he spoke.

We were delighted. Sorry, Mr. Chicken, you can wait until tomorrow. :)

Ella is awake at 4:15 and at 4:45 Emory is finally finished with school with the exception of reading. Here he is reading his current favorite books, the Hardy Boys. Check out where his foot is and who might or might not be chewing on his toes…

my day 035

After this, things become a blur…. I get fixed up a bit, get the kids up and we go eat Mexican.

My husband has to practice with his singing group for an upcoming singing, so the kids and I come back home (he takes the oldest son with him). I let the kids watch a DVD or either play the computer (I don’t remember).

Bath times follow soon after and I start putting away the clothes that now look like this:

my day 037

The kids are in bed by about 9:30 and I finish picking up—still not tidy as I would like, but at 10:00, I take my bath and got to bed, resisting the temptation to blog about my day. :)


  1. Love the photos of all the busy, happy kids. That's what life is all about.

  2. I LOL @ Emory sweeping the ceiling fan and light fixture. :). There's a way to get your spring cleaning done!

  3. Thanks for for giving us a view of your day, and thanks for visiting my site. I too posted about my day yesterday and found it interesting reviewing my day. Thanks for the idea.

  4. What a wonderfully busy day. Thanks for sharing. I also have one that gets distracted a lot.

  5. Loved your day. The pictures and descriptions were great - it was like I was a fly on the wall. :-)

    I'll be sure to link to your day in my Day in the Life of Page.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. :-)


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