Friday, March 26, 2010

Feminine Friday

Candy over at Keeping the Home put up a post entitled, “Feminine Friday” and she has a feminine photo of her in a dress. Well, you can just click on the link and check it out. :)

I have worn dresses all my life, but have just begun to realize just how feminine a dress or a nice skirt outfit makes me feel. I love being a girly woman and I love how I get treated because I wear dresses. Men always just seem to respect a woman who looks and acts feminine.

Now, I have wonderful friends who don’t share my conviction of wearing dresses/skirts for modesty reasons, and certainly I have blogging friends who don’t dress like I do as well. But, here’s a challenge to everyone! Wear something feminine at least on Fridays! See how it makes you feel. See how you get treated at the grocery store. See what your husband thinks. For the next several Fridays, I will be hosting a Feminine Friday here at NaturalMamaX4 (I hope I’m not stealing anyone else’s idea that is already done). So, on Fridays, wear something that makes you feel feminine, take a picture of yourself, and link up to my blog (I will try to figure out the McLinky thingy between now & then).

Now, here is a picture of me today. I absolutely love a flowing (not tight) blue jean skirt. I also love long sleeved t-shirts. Especially in a nice, spring bluish-green color. I also love, love a very feminine flower pin to compliment anything. I make these and give them away with my Ebay orders. They are super easy to make—maybe I’ll do a tutorial soon.


Sorry so blurry—my son took the picture and apparently flashed it before it focused.

On a different note, we are taking a little trip into Florida this weekend. My husband and I sing, so occasionally we get asked to sing at church fellowship meetings, homecomings, etc. We have to sing at a fellowship mtg, so we are planning to make it a mini vacation. My MIL will be going along to help us with the kiddos while we sing. :)

Have a great one!


  1. This is going to be fun! Can't wait to participate!

  2. Love it. I love th flower too. I used to could buy them at ladies retreats/conferences but I haven't gotten any a while. They can really make a extra punch in casual clothes and make you look even more feminine.

    You look lovely and have a nice trip.

  3. I just love dresses also but don't wear them as much as I used to when we lived where it was warmer. Here in Oregon it's cold. In California my friends would ask me why I wore dresses so much. I'd tell them because my husband liked them. I like feminine and girly. That's just me.

    Tell your son he took a beautiful photo of his mommy.

  4. I just started blogging about my journey as helpmeet, homekeeper and mom. You're an inspiration to me. I've been working on wearing feminine dress this week and it's been awesome. I decided it is time to "update" my wardrobe and include more dresses/skirts. I'd love to participate in your Feminine Friday challenge.

  5. I have a award for you at my blog. You have been a beautiful blog of encouragment for me.

  6. Love this, girl! I wear flowers pinned to my shirts and dresses a lot too... it's just so feminine! Looking forward to more of these posts. Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage


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