Saturday, March 13, 2010

Signs of Spring…

I hope you are enjoying the warmer temperatures as I am. One day earlier this week, I went out and took some photos of some signs that spring is on its way. A few signs I didn’t photograph, such as the heaters being in the OFF position, the coals in the fireplace being black, people aren’t huddled under blankets, and we aren’t scurrying around to get socks on our feet before they freeze to the floor.

I also hope you like my new blog look. It can be a real pill to change everything, but I was ready. I’m still not finished with it (must add color somehow to the header), so bear with me, please.

If you are a new follower or reader to my blog, I’m so happy to have you. Leave me a link if I haven’t visited your blog already and I’ll be glad to take a look-sie!

S-P-R-I-N-G: (click on the pictures to enlarge them. If you don't want to, please click on the one of the cutie at the bottom. You won't have regrets.)


early spring 065

More flowers…(I’m not going to pretend that I know what this is called…)

early spring 066

Is that Laundry on the line?? Be still my heart!

early spring 068


early spring 069

Immodest children…lol (oh, and GREEN grass!)

early spring 072

Firewood getting low…

early spring 074


early spring 075

Spring Banner….(yes, handmade)

early spring 093

Let’s get it up close….

early spring 094

And again….

early spring 096

(Sorry, it’s just been that long since I’ve been crafty!)

And last but CERTAINLY not least, Cute, cool-dressed SIX month old babies mean SPRING!

early spring 127

More cuties…pigtails…grins…spring, right?

early spring 091

Now, as I type this it is very chilly outside and in. I have the gas heater going and I can feel things slipping slowly back into the winter mode. However, the Time Change tonight (why, oh, why am I up late) and the fact that it IS March assures me that the cold has to flee sometime! Right?


  1. Such sweet pictures!!! Spring is arriving here too...although the past few days it has been raining...which means MUD. Blah. That is the thing I dislike most about spring. Everything is muddy and looks icky and dreary. I am hoping the sun comes out soon and dries everything up! :)

  2. Yes, I do like the new look of your blog! It's coming together quite nicely. Love all the visuals...Nanny would be so proud to know that someone is caring for her yard and flowers! The house looks so good in the pics, too. What a heritage! Oh, and Ella is too cute in her "e" outfit!

  3. Oh, Spring is a wonderful season!

    Everyone looks healthy and just brimming with smiles for the nice warm temperatures you are enjoying :)

    Here in PA, we are having quite a bit of rain, but the signs of spring are everywhere!!!

    Many blessings to you and your dear family,


  4. Love your new look, girl!! And I'm right with you on rejoicing over Spring!! We had a weather set back this morning... cold and rainy today. But soon, soon...

    Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage


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