Saturday, March 20, 2010

Simple Saturday

I feel like I’m still out of breath on the weekends because my weeks are so busy—filled with serving the ones I love. From sunup to sundown, I’m cooking 3 meals (mostly), washing, washing, washing, straightening, making beds, training kids, playing, sweeping, the list is endless. And I’m sure you’re busy doing all of these things. Things that can get mundane and boring IF we forget for whom we are doing these things.

Speaking of sunup, I have failed miserably on my getting up early this week. Something about the time change and Ella’s teething and cold has me resting too comfortably come 5am. It is my prayer that things get to normal this coming week.

Thus, my lack of blogging. It is close to impossible to blog during the day, so I have to do my blogging in the early am hours. My MIL is keeping Ella for a little while this afternoon while we get our garden up and going, so I have squeezed in a free moment in between supper and Evan’s nap. Whew. Don’t you feel tired? I do. :)

We have started our garden today! I know, I know, there is snow in the forecast for Monday…isn’t that incredulous? But, alas, the potatoes are going in the ground as we (s)speak(/s) type, the corn is being planted, the tractor motor is revving, and the kids and I have already planted a few things.

planting 306

Here she is, Ms. FIVE year old Gardener, cutting the potatoes, being careful to leave the eyes.

planting 308

Trying to plant seeds, while Gabby the dog just wants to plant a little love. She planted carrots and I mean, did she plant some. She put about 20+ seeds in each section, so hmm…I just let her do her thang, yk? :)

planting 309

Evonious, taking a water break from all the hard labor. Whew!

planting 310

The ensemble (said in French, yk)

planting 311

A few styrofoam cups for some flower seeds and spinach

planting 312

Will we see green in a few weeks?!?

A hope you had a wonderful Saturday. God has been so tremendous to me this week. Oh my. Don’t be afraid to seek after the Lord and ask Him the impossible. My cup runneth over. Amen.

I still have so many things to blog about that rolls over in my mind. I believe that every day I actually construct a blog in my mind, but sadly, it never gets to your eyes. :/

Off to retrieve the clothes off of the line and to check on the Venison Stew I’m cooking for supper. Have a Blessed, Blessed Weekend!


  1. May your be very blessed!


  2. What a wonderful wife and mother you are! It's work but it's good work.

  3. Sometimes I think Saturdays are more work than a week day. It's the good kind of work, though. We, too, are getting ready to plant our garden. Squash, snow peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, purple onion, and we just had a bounty of turnip greens freshly "canned" in the freezer. :) You're living the good life!

  4. Loved hearing about your weekend. I hope you havea Super Sunday.

  5. How do you cut potatoes for planting, and why? I'm interested to know, as I'm a "learning" gardener! Can't wait to get my hands in the dirt soon. May you have a great week ahead!


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