Friday, April 2, 2010

Simple Saturday

Due to us singing 4 songs in a wedding at 4pm, having an Egg hunt at 2pm, and possibly going to a Pre Easter service at a fellowshipping church at 9:30am (I know, I know..whew), my Saturday will not be very simple, so I’ll have to look further back into the week to find a few things that have brought me pleasure. It doesn’t take much for me to find pleasure in the small things.

So….besides this:

08 09 pics 144

and these:

christmas pix 136

Here are a few things I found pleasure in this week:


(somebody’s dishwasher…I was too lazy to get up and take a pic of mine…but, oh, how I love thee, my dishwasher…to quote the song we are singing tomorrow at the wedding…"I can’t live a day without yoooouuuuu…”) Sorry. It’s after 12am.

hot chocolate

This is super yummy and healthy Hot Chocolate that is wondermous in hot milk. :) Keeps me perked up while I’m reading my Bible on those chilly, early mornings.


raw almonds butter

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this at Wal Mart yesterday! I used to get this at the Health Foods store and it was super $$. Now, it isn’t Raw or Organic, but I still so excited about Wal Mart carrying it in this form. We had it with Jelly on Homemade bread for lunch. Soooo good.

Okay, so how about this for some pleasure:


Hasn’t it been incredible weather this week?!

Lastly, another simple pleasure that I have enjoyed upon multiple days this week:

08 09 pics 439

Ah…fresh laundry.

And…I forgot. My dad had some new additions to his farm this week (ugh, the babies are having trouble nursing…poor things…my dad is having to work, my mom is visiting my sister in GA…poor little babies):

08 09 pics 499

Not Dad’s goats shown here..these are some at a expo we went to…

Today, I’m thankful for Life’s simple Pleasures.


  1. I'm going to your house for lunch! That PB n J sandwich sounds so good!

    I so hear you about simple pleasures.

  2. Hi, Monica! Thanks for sharing your blog with me on Facebook. I enjoyed reading each post and look forward to following along. Hope you all had a great Easter weekend (can't wait to see pics!). Tory

  3. Enjoyed your post, girl! I agree... can't live without my dishwasher (at least, I wouldn't want to!). I'll have to try the cocoa... where do you buy it? Oh, and I thought my goofy lil' sister and I were the only ones who said "wondermous"... you are totally a kindred spirit, lol!!

    Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage


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