Thursday, April 8, 2010

This week…

Just thought I’d share a bit of what’s going on this week at our home…

*The kids have all had some sort of bug this week. I know the three youngest have had ear infections (Dr. Mom’s always-accurate-diagnosis) and at least two has had a throat infection (one w/fever…strep?). Anyway, I have started several times to take them to the doctor, but I haven’t. I know exactly what they will do/give them. I’ve got to the point where we don’t go to the doctor unless it’s something we haven’t seen before.

Oh, and the pink eye. Two currently have the pink eye and one who currently looks favorable for having it. I am giving them Homeopathic Pink Eye drops from Similasan.

Basically Easter left us with her colors: Yellow for Pollen. Pink for Pink Eye. Green for Snot Mucous. Fun, Fun.

*We have some out-of-town relatives camping out right down the road (actually, through the woods) from us this week, so we are enjoying visiting with them. Last night they had a BBQ, so we had a good time visiting around the campfire. Evan started running a fever and just really being whiney, so I had to cut the visit short. Nevertheless, the kids have been enjoying riding the go-cart and four wheeler with their cousin.

*My hubby took Monday off to help me with the sick babies, so basically we had a late Saturday (since our Sat was spent ruining someone’s wedding singing/practicing at a wedding). We had an awesome day together as a family. We got the grass mowed, I worked in my flowers (have lots of daylilies this yr), had a nice lunch together, etc. I wish I could pay my hubby to stay home w/us, but I haven’t come up with enough funds…:o)

*Kindergarten is going great for Erin. It is really fun seeing her learn! Also, Ella is crawling and saying, “Hey, Da-da”. :) She has really advanced faster than my others. Whew! How can I keep up? :) She is sooooo sweet.

*We were planning to go to KY with our youth to a conference, but we cancelled at the last minute. Our trip was basically paid for, but we came up with more reasons not to go than to go. :) We are such homebodies. :) But really, it is hard work taking young babies on long trips! Especially young sick babies.

*Today we are headed to Birmingham, my husband has to go for a checkup. We always turn these trips into a fun, family outing. I plan to let the kids play at a nearby park while he has his appointment (yea, I know, the pink shoot me—really it is a huge playground, so I don’t we will be near anyone). Then we will get to eat out which is sort-of rare for us.

*We had a good Easter. I took a few pics but I’ve got to get new batteries for my camera before I can upload them. We got to see a few family members we don’t get to see very often.

Well, that’s what is going on with us this week! You?


  1. Busy mom with sick kids. Now that's a busy week! So sorry your babies aren't feeling well and isn't it amazing how they all fall like dominos, one right after another. Take care of yourself!

    I hate pink eye. It's so hard to sterilize everything they come in contact with. Years and years ago pink eye went one to another in our home then our dog, yes, our dog got it. I mentioned that to our pediatrician and she said I wasn't the first mom she'd heard that from. Weird, huh? I used my kids drops in the dog's eyes and she got better just like the kids. I hate vet bills :)

  2. I hope you have a great rest of the week.

  3. Must be in the air,our children have been down sick as well,actually we all caught the bug and boy was it no fun!

    Take care and God Bless,


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