Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A couple of Do-it-Yourself-ers

When I was growing up, we never went to Yard Sales. Never. It was not that we were ‘better than that’, it was just that my mom thought it was a waste of time and she wasn’t keen on other people’s stuff. I guess that was the reason. I really never asked her?

I absolutely loathe confrontation, so to me, stopping by a Yard Sale of a complete strangers and pilfering through their junk is just too confrontational for my taste.

And then I stopped at my first Yard Sale.

I think it was my town’s annual 7-mile Yard Sale. I knew there would be lots and lots of people there and it wasn’t like I’d be the only one pilfering, ya know?

Yeah, I have issues. Moving along…

At my Queen-of-Yard-Sales-MIL’s persuasion (she volunteered to keep the kids), I decided to give it a try.

At the second or third stop, I found a bag of books for $1, and soon afterwards, I found an adorable Gap skirt and an Old navy skirt for my little girl.

“How much you want for these?”

“Oh, 25 cents.”

And I have loved Yard Sale-ing ever since.

The other morning, I went to my husband’s Aunts’ yard sale (there were 3 sisters, so three Aunts) and saw this coffee table:

mals party & more 005

(Yeah, I know…try to look past the cutie AND the mess to fix your eyes on the coffee table…circa 1980s)

She had $20 on it (as IF…) but my MIL (her sister) told her I would give her $10 for it (you would LOVE and…um…sometimes dis-love these sisters…lol…right, Amy?). So, I did.

Here it is after a coat of primer and 2 coats of nice white paint (bought at another yard sale of a lady who owns a hardware store…gotta love it) and a few decor items:

mals party & more 022


mals party & more 025Yes, I know there are tags still on the birdies…I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put them there or not. They were Dollar Store finds ($6 ea) and they are tooooo cute.

I now have a lantern were those picture frames are and the tags are off the birds….:)

My living room is quite dark so I’m slowly trying to lighten things up and go for a Country Cottage feel. When I say Country, I love old quilts in baskets, old trunks sitting around, etc., not blue and mauve or the primitive look. To each his own…:)

My last project was brought about because of the urgency I feel to create a sense of work ethic in my children, especially my sons. I do want them to have play time, but not idle time. We have rest time, but I want them to be busy.

We have had a schedule before, but I wanted to have one that my son could look at and see what he’s supposed to be doing at certain times. My youngest 2 (2 & 5 yr old) can’t read, but are loosely following the same schedule (w/ different table activities/weekly/daily chores).

Yesterday was his first day following it and I was a bit discouraged. Around 1:30, he saw that it read, “Playtime with Mom”, so he wanted us to play Scrabble. I talked to him and explained that he would have to do the other parts of his schedule as well if he wanted to have playtime with me. So, he has been doing great ever since! We had missed a couple things to day, but I don’t expect it to be rigid or perfect. :o)

I just used card stock and scrapbook paper.

weekend recap 028

weekend recap 029

Nothing fancy. I thought you might could get an idea or two from it. :)

Okay, blessings to all!

I’m finally linking up to Marla’s Woo-hoo Wednesday, held every Wednesday. Stop by her site if you get a chance. She’s having a giveaway too!


  1. I love the charts. Thanks for sharing. This is gonna help me a little in my planning.

    BY THE WAY....love the table

  2. Woo Hoo! Beautiful, beautiful table. I'm so glad you linked this project to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and joined the fun. Hugs, Marla

  3. Look at that table!! That is DARLING! Go witcha bad self :). And the birds...be still my heart...I LUV birds!

    Just this week, I have been on TOP of my kids about keeping them busy...I can't stand them loafing around looking bored...they are having a hard time adjusting but they'll get in the groove soon...let's hope :).

    Ironic that we're doing things kind of along the same lines.

  4. I like the repaint job on the table and your accessories are so much fun! With 4 kids I always had chore charts and a miscellaneous list in my trusty old spiral notebook. Now my kids use the same methods!

  5. The table look great! I didn't even notice it had little spindles on the ends until it was white!

  6. I love how you painted the table! It looks GREAT! :)

    You asked if I received my Homestead Blessings DVDs yet....unfortunately, no. I am sooo anxious about it! :) They said they would email me when they were being shipped...but no email yet. I emailed them to ask though! I can't WAIT! :)

  7. Awesome job on the table, girl!! It would look SO NICE in my shabby chic house... lol. :) I must confess that I am a garage sale junkie... not quite as bad as my mom, and aunts, and grandmas... but I DO love a good garage sale bargain. :) Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage


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