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Natural Product Recs..

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I’m loving cloth diapering!

We are at the end of another week—isn’t it unbelievable? I have been in a funk this week and a bit contentious even at times. In fact, if I had to take a Proverbs 31 Woman test based on this week, I’m sure I would fail.

Oh, well. The time of women is upon me (don’t you just love how the Bible phrases things?) and my hormones have been pretty crazy today and yesterday.

I only say this to let you know that I am normal. Just in case you thought I was some woman who had arrived to her Proverbs 31 Kingdom. Oh, but I’m strivin’……

A few weeks back, I asked (on my giveaway post) on what topics my readers might to hear me blog, and a couple of people wanted to hear about natural products I would recommend.

Sure, I’d love to.

So, every now and again, I’ll try to let you know what I’m using and what I think of it.

With bathing, I try to always use natural products. I want to be very careful about what products we put on our skin. Check your body wash and/or soap. If the ingredients list is full of unpronounceable words (all 25 ingredients), then your product is far from natural.

Natural products can be expensive or inexpensive. I’ve found if I buy my products at a Health Food Store, then I am paying top-dollar. So, I don’t.

I’ve found Burts Bees products, Jason, Alba, Audrey Organics, and other natural products at stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. If you have a burnt-out type store like, Hudson’s, or Dirt Cheap, you can almost always find natural products. This is where I get most of my products.

Here is what we are currently bathing with:

weekend recap 031Tom's of Maine Natural Moisturizing Body Wash

You can’t read the price sticker, but it reads, “4.99”. I’m not sure if this is the actual cost because I got it at our burnt-out store. And I got it for 40% off.

It doesn’t suds up, really, so you might miss that, and it’s unscented, but it gets us clean and we know we are using something natural.

Note: If you would like to try natural body products but can’t afford them or you don’t have an alternate store in which to purchase them, natural soaps such as soap made from goat’s milk, etc., are very inexpensive and work great. Kiss my Face, Burts Bees and Tom’s of Maine all have soaps that are under 3 or 4 bucks. I’m sure at least one of these can be purchased at your nearest health food store.

I really wasn’t into natural products as much when my oldest son was a baby, but thankfully, soon thereafter started making the switch to natural products. Now, I wouldn’t even think about putting these commercialized chemical-laden baby products on any of my babies (or anyone’s baby, for that matter). :)

Here is the lotion I currently use on Ella (and have since her birth…a little goes a long way) and I really love it. It’s creamy and has a light fragrance.

weekend recap 032

Earth's Best Lavendar Baby Lotion

The price has sort of rubbed off, but it had $8.45 on it, but I got it for 80% off! The reason? The lid is stuck in the press-down position. I just unscrew the lid, run my hand down the tube that pulls up the lotion and there is just enough lotion on my hand to rub on Ella. Works out great! :)

Maybe over the next few weeks, I can share with you more natural products I use, including baby products (dipe cream, etc…). I hope that you will make the switch, even if gradually to natural products. It’s like the saying, “You are what you eat”. You are what you put on your body. Your skin is a sponge and while I’m unsure of the actual percentage that it does absorb, think about birth control patches and nicotine patches—the chemicals are absorbed enough to really work effectively.

Do your research. Take care of yourself and your family. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! :)

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  1. I love that you cloth diaper! :) I *wish* I would have! My days of diapering are over now, though, so I don't dwell on it (too much). :) Thank you for your sharing of natural products with us! :) I had used homemade soap (that I bought on etsy) on my boys once, and it really bugged their skin!? I was surprised! But that hasn't stopped me from looking for other products! :)

  2. Love your cloth dipes on the line!! Thanks for sharing your recommendations. I've been using Melaleuca's all natural products for 2 yrs now and love them. What's REALLY great is that I get a check from the company every month and it pays for all but a few dollars of the products we use on a regular basis! Natural products can be $$ so it's always nice when you can get a break. ~Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

  3. Thanks for this post! It is really nice to know what people think about a product before you blindly try it. I look forward to more product reviews! did you get into cloth diapers? I like the idea of it, but I just don't know if I could do it...


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