Monday, May 31, 2010

Thoughts & Such…

I trust each of you had a wonderful weekend spent with your families. Ours was busy, but very enjoyable. On Saturday, we went to a neighboring church’s Fun Day and had a good time. The kids played so hard (they had one of those blow up slides) and were just exhausted by the end of the day. We finished off our day with some family swimming and togetherness.

I was glad to be able to go to church this weekend after missing last one due to my children’s sicknesses. My husband and the friends mentioned here sing together and occasionally sing at Homecomings and such. We had one yesterday and we really had a good singing. The Lord came by and was with us!

Ella spent the afternoon with my mom. I guess this is her first time away from me for an extended period of time. She did good, according to my mom. She is still nursing, but my mom supplemented her some with fresh goat milk. :)


Speaking of Ella, I had a really rough week last week. We have such a hard time getting Ella to sleep, getting her to stay asleep, and getting her to play or to just be unattached to my hip. This is both a good and bad age/stage she is in right now. This week was really difficult for me to stay focused on my priorities/duties (with a good attitude) and take care of a no-napping, fussy baby. There were times I wanted to get into the fetal position and hide under the table. More than once. Yes. I so pray for a better week.

A few things the Lord revealed to me through prayer last night (as I was rocking my fussy baby while church was going on….) that I need to do to, well…just have a better week.

One was, keep my commitment to my early prayer and Bible reading. There were a million several times last week that I just needed to get into a prayer closet and shut the door (and get into that fetal position).

Secondly, I felt the Lord speak a calm to my soul. Or, to put it better, telling me to calm down. After last week, I just need a calmness in my soul and spirit.

Thirdly, and this is the second or third time I’ve felt the Lord impress me to Live only for today. Why is this so hard for us? Every thing we do or say, sometimes, seems like it’s based on tomorrow or the future. I prayed that the Lord would just put up a wall when I think about anything past today. Today, I must enjoy my children. Today, I must take care of my husband and family. Today, I must be joyful. Today, I must work on my struggles. Today, I must smile at my babies. Today, I must do my duties as unto the Lord. Today.

How can I serve my family and my Lord today?

Don’t think about current situations or future events that might affect my ability to bless my family. Just do it, today.

As I have mentioned umpteen several times, I really struggled last week. My hormones and emotions were so crazy. It was awful (for lack of scarier term). I was reading one night before bed in the book I’m currently reading, “Instruments of Change” and the Lord put a simple sentence in that book just for me. I had to run get a highlighter and mark it. It said, You do not have to be in bondage to your emotions. Wow. Thank you very much, God, for that blow. Isn’t it wonderful how He gets down to where we are at?

Yep, last week, I was in bondage to my emotions. I chose to be a slave to how I felt. I allowed my feelings to dictate the way I ran my home.

I appreciate the Savior giving me another chance to live for today, today.


My little Sleepless One is awake again (after 3 episodes of rocking) so I need to cut my time short. My wonderful life saving husband is rocking her out on the porch. Maybe she needs a change of scenery?

It sure helped me.

This week I’m thankful for just that—a new week.


  1. We serve a wonderful saviour. He has a way of giving just what we need when we need it the most.

  2. I know how you feel, MaMa. Some days it feels like we just survive, and then we feel guilty for feeling that way! :/

    We are going through a tough stage with Keith's sleeping habits... he turned into a stinker after I weaned him a few months ago... always wants to cuddle in our bed instead of sleep in his own bed (which he never even did when he was a baby).

    It's hard to function with a little one who is not sleeping well... I try to remind myself that "this too shall pass" and to enjoy my children. Like you said, we take each day as it comes. The Lord is faithful to keep us tired mamas sane and sort of sanctified, lol! Love you girl, Kristy


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