Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Country Livin’

The other day as I was hanging out laundry (one of my most favorite chores), I looked around our ‘homestead’ and told the Lord I wouldn’t mind living in this exact place during the millennial reign w/Christ (ok, I know we probably won’t even be near the US). :) I love my country life. Wouldn’t trade it for anything seemingly better. I don’t even care to leave home most of the time. And with fall fast approaching (actually, it’s here!), my home becomes a warm and cozy haven.

Here are some Country Livin’ Photos:

 late sept 004

Country Livin’ = Mud!

late sept 006

Country babies learning to eat cereal independently (yeah, can you guess how many cereal pieces she had in her mouth?)!

late sept 010

A little country playin’

late sept 012

Pine straw to cover the flower beds for winter

late sept 014

Raked by my favorite 7 year old

late sept 013

A little work to go with that play…

late sept 015

A little love to go with that work…

late sept 019

Getting prepared for the first day of..uh..65 degree weather…lol.

late sept 020

Is you or aint you an Indian?

late sept 022

Country boys gotta learn to play the gee-tar!

That’s just a little snippet of our lives here in the country! Hope you are enjoying this cool snap. The crazy thing about an old house is that it goes from hot to cold within a few hours. Gotta go get on some socks….:)


  1. LOVED your pictures, girl... so much fun!!! We love country livin' too!! I'm with you on the mud... lots of that around here too!! We are so enjoying this first week of autumn weather... makes home seem SO COZY!! I love this time of year.

    Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

  2. I don't blame you...I love that peaceful dirt-road lane, too :). Love Ella's full cheeks! :) And is that Evan in the pink coat? :)


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