Saturday, October 30, 2010

Unforeseen Circumstances

Wow, this morning was soo chilly and brisk. I was so thankful to have my warm man next to me in bed and er, 3 more kiddos. :/ One *should* stay warm with that kind of body heat, no? My eldest never comes to our bed except for a few nights during the colder months. Tonight I put an extra fleece blanket on his bed in hopes that that will work. When he comes to bed, he lays at the bottom end of the bed and his feet end up somewhere between my chin and my ribs. Nice.

My honey and I took a brief walk with Ella this morning upon arising. It was basically a nature walk, I guess, but it was so nice. We really have a great place to walk as our house is on a rarely used dirt road that is about 1/2 mile long. We had a nice time looking at the different trees along the way, picking out different oaks, etc. :)

After we got back from walking, we were really hungry. My hon likes a good breakfast on Sat mornings (grits, eggs, biscuits/toast, the works!) and I was out of so much (can I just say that grocery day won’t get here soon enough), so as a treat, we went to our local chicken restaurant and got a nice breakfast.

While the youngest kids napped, I worked on putting up laundry that had been piled up since Monday (I digress…) and then it was time to leave for the benefit singing for my cousin’s family. The Man of the House wasn’t quite ready to stop on the bathroom project, so I said I would go get Erin from my MIL’s (she had a sleepover there) and get some gas. So, I did that and had just pulled out of the gas station out on the main highway, when an elderly lady turned to go to the grocery store right in front of me. I hit her, basically head/side on, didn’t even have time to brake. Thankfully, I wasn’t going but maybe 25 mph or so, so the impact wasn’t huge. She ended up going to the hospital to get checked out. :( Her arm was bleeding and such. Some of her family came up and I recognized her grandson as one I had taught when I taught school (had him for 3 yrs, actually) and he said they had already taken her car away several times. Her mind wasn’t great and she couldn’t see well (obviously!). Anyway, I felt badly for her. I couldn’t even go over to check on her b/c Erin wouldn’t let me leave her and I didn’t want her to get out in the road. Poor Erin didn’t have her seatbelt on (I know, bad mommy) and she hit the floor and has carpet burns:

Erin accident 031The good side of this is that she is proud of her injury and *wears her badge with honor*. LOL She wants me to call everyone and tell them about it. :) She also has started putting her seat belt on without our telling her. Usually I will tell her to put it on, even if it’s while I’m driving down the road, but I had *just * snapped mine in after being at the gas station. My lesson is learned to never let the kids go without seatbelts and have them put them on as *soon* as we get in the vehicle. :/ I’m glad we are basically ok. The Lord was so good to us. My van probably isn’t totaled…maybe I can post a pic of it on into the week.

Well, that’s my drama for the day. We went on and sang at the benefit, I got to see some family that I haven’t seen in awhile. My first cousin got to play the piano for us because there was only 2 microphones and 3 people singing. My husband and I shared, which was neat and funny at the same time because he is a foot taller than I. :) I had to stand on my tiptoes and he had to stoop down to share the mic with me. I sure do love singing with him and his bff. :p

We have another singing tomorrow at a 5th Sunday service. I love working for the Lord and right now, this is our ministry!

Well, because I chose to take a 30 minute bath and *not* ignore my dishes and dirty kitchen, it’s late, late. I’m so glad that I went ahead and cleaned my kitchen and swept the floors. I *do* leave my kitchen dirty sometimes at night, but I hate it so badly when I do. :/

Tomorrow or so I will be telling you about a deal I’m doing for the month of November in my home and sharing it on my blog. Stay tuned…

God Bless you this Sunday morning and I’m so appreciative of your comments and your reading. :)

Here’s a parting shot of my eldest's Lego creation of Moses and his staff:

oct 30 024  Legos and Blocks, now there are some quality toys!

And my little girl, pre-carpet burn, going to a birthday tea party for our pastor’s daughter who is also her good friend:

oct 30 026 :)

Thank you, dear Lord, for being with us today as always. Thank you for protecting my little girl and me and also the elderly lady. You are ever so faithful to me and my family. I could never earn your favor or your goodness.

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  1. I'm so glad you are all okay! I had a fender bender with my kids when they were small . I quickly turned my head to settle a dispute they were having over a lollipop wrapper. :( uugh! That day began the "No eating in the car" rule. Your children are so beautiful. Have a blessed week.


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