Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feeling chatty

Well, I’m up a bit late tonight, but feeling a little bit chatty, so I decided to blog. My hubby and boys are at the church still so I’m up waiting to make sure they get home safe and sound (and that he remembers to bring both boys home since I didn’t tell him that I wasn’t bringing them home…:). We are in Revival this week at our church and it has been just what I needed! During the altars each night I have felt the sweet spirit of the Lord come by with liberty to pray and bear my soul to Him. I thank Him for being so faithfully to me every day despite my inconsistencies to Him.

It is chilly tonight, maybe even our coolest night yet. I’m trying to keep from turning on the heater here in the living room, but the ole toesies and fengies (fingers) are getting very chilled. I’ve decided we are going to dress warmer in the house this year and not be so carefree with our heating. We had a HUGE bill in January of last year, so I think we will put on some extra jammies and socks if needed. :) Oh the joys of living in an old*er* house. I love it, though.

This is one of those busy weekends for us. My honey took off today and it was so nice having him around all day. I let the kids take off school since Daddy was home and it was basically like Saturday to us. We worked in the bathroom. Yes, we. I helped get the tub in and situated and resituated and resituated…get the picture? It was a little stubborn at first, but my dear honey had some good ideas for getting the tub not to rock, even though I thought it might be a bit fun to be able to be lulled while bathing. :)

So…the tile is in, the bathtub is in…what’s next? The plywood is going on the walls tomorrow, getting ready for the wainscoting. We are trying very hard to get it finished by Thanksgiving. My husband fears the plumbing is going to be a booger. :/

Tomorrow we have to sing at a benefit for a cousin of mine who passed away a few weeks ago. He died exactly 2 weeks from the time he found out he had cancer. He was only 46, I believe..maybe younger. So, that is what’s going on tomorrow. Then, Sunday, we have to sing at a 5th Sunday Service at another church about 40 miles away. Monday will be grocery day and more revival services. :) Busy times!!

**I didn’t get to *send* this last night because the wee one woke up, so I’m going to go ahead and post it tonight…so it will be a sort of *old* read.

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