Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This & That, take 1287

Seems like my blog posts are always a bit of this and that, snippets from our days. I haven’t much time for intellectual or controversial discussions anymore it seems. I miss *bearing my soul* to you about things that penetrate my mind, but I’m more than happy to share with you a little from my life.

Last Friday, my mom and I took my kids on a little Field Trip to the Gulf Coast Explorium. It was very neat and even had a few new exhibits since I took my 4th grade students there a couple of years ago. Here are just a couple of pictures:

late, late oct 035

late, late oct 037

late, late oct 042

And, Ella, that morning watching Smile of the Child with the older kids, while I was bustling around getting things ready for our trip. This was the first time she had actually sat still and watched something! While I don’t push her or encourage her to be sucked in by Mr. entertainment (it doesn’t take them long to be sucked in to the love of all things entertainment), it *was* nice to not have to worry if she was into the cat food again. :)

late, late oct 033

Saturday was just busy around and about the house. I forgot to take an update pic on my bathroom, but it looks really good. The floor tile is finished and the bathtub platform is built (I asked my hubby to build a platform to raise up the tub and he did!!! :) and installed. The kids were busy being country kids!

late, late oct 044

late, late oct 046

Taking tractor rides with Papa…..

Using water balloons to build nests and play *chickens*….

late, late oct 031

And later that night, going on a hayride at my childhood church’s fall festival/Pastor Appreciation deal. My dad and a ton of my family still go to this church…the pastor is still the pastor there! We love them very much.

late, late oct 053

On the hayride, with my cousin (on the right) and her little boy that looks strikingly like my little boy, Evan, on the left.

late, late oct 056

Me & the girls…I hadn’t been on a hayride with these church folks for many years. We had a good time reminiscing of hayrides gone by. :)

late, late oct 060

My pastor for many years…:)

I saw where someone was making cookie cakes and selling them, so I decided to try one to take to the fall festival. The only bad thing was I had a lot left (it was really big!) and I just about made myself sick eating on it for the next 2 days…ugh…it was not healthy either. :)

late, late oct 051

And, from Sunday…a couple of shots of my beautiful youngest. I have found that our front porch swing makes a good place for pictures in the morning.

late, late oct 064

late, late oct 066

Well, I must go. We are in Revival this week and my husband will not get to be with me tonight. I’m trying to not talk myself out of going. I get a bit nervous when taking my kids to church by myself. Thankfully, I have my MIL and my mom with me, but I still like for them to know mom/dad is *in charge* in church. Pinto Beans/cornbread to finish up for supper. We will see how things go from here. I truly would love to see a good revival at our church. We *all* need one, don’t we? I have seen my own need for one so much more clearly here lately and while I am thankfully that God has shown me the X-ray of my spiritual condition, I’m somewhat appalled at what I see! Oh, at how merciful He is to me, though. I am excited at what He is going to do in my life through the prayers answered that I have prayed in the past few weeks.

May your evening be heavenly!


  1. You have such a beautiful family. God always gives us strength. Enjoy these years when they are little. You will blink your eyes, turn around, and they will be grown!

  2. Wow. What a week full of life. Sounds and looks like a busy but full of love and life going on.

    I like the statement of the X-Ray! We all need to have a x-ray at times.

  3. Love looking through this little window into your little "snippets". What a wonderful family I have! Just wish I got to see you more often :(.

    p.s.--Ella looks like her Daddy in the bottom


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