Friday, October 22, 2010

Bringing in the weekend with a little parenting advice…

pointing finger

Am I the only mother who, at times, wants to prostrate herself under the kitchen table and beat the floor, begging for God’s wisdom?

I don’t think I am. :) We are reminded by God to ask for wisdom and He will give it to us liberally. Well, okay God, how often can I ask? :) I have found that it seems I am constantly asking God for wisdom while parenting.

I have found that you can read every parenting book from the Bible to To Train up the Child by the expert of child training, in my opinion, Michael Pearl (& Debi), but at times, there are situations where your mind goes blank about what to do. Also, there are times that you react without even thinking about what so-and-so said on page #44 in the latest child training book you’ve read. I do this way more times than I care to admit. :/

One recent day, it seemed God dropped a parenting *nugget* in my mind and I’m sure I have probably read it before in a book, but anyway, I’m also sure I have forgotten it since I read it.

I had been having trouble with my children listening to me when I tell them something. If I disciplined them for not listening to me, they would *insist* they didn’t hear me. Becoming frustrated, I felt prompted to call them by name, have them answer, then tell them what I want of them. Last, have them answer back with an affirmative, such as “Yes, Maam” (that’s what our kids say). That way there is no doubt whether or not they heard me. Another bit of advice is to tell the child exactly what is required of him or her. For example, instead of saying, “Emory, you need to make your bed”, [Well, this comes across as a sort of suggestion. Just as I need to exercise, but I don’t. :)] I say, “Emory” (wait for response), Make your bed, now” (I have always had trouble with quotation marks). I don’t say it sternly, but I do say it firmly.

Another thing I have said before if the kids were being rowdy is, “Okaaaayyyy, now, you guys need to calm down”. Again, it’s a suggestion. What I should say is, “Kids, (Wait for response.) Stop running in the house. Go get some blocks out to play with.”

I have found by changing my responses I get better results. I get quicker obedience. We have more harmony. Don’t we all need more of that? :)

Anyway, I hope I have made this clear and have conveyed it in an understandable way.


We had a good day today. My mom and I took the kids on a field trip to the Gulf Coast Exploreum and iMax theater. We had a great time (missed daddy), but are glad to be home this evening. Tonight is Family Night as always suggested by the kids on Friday night :). I have the peanut butter cookies baked, the white sheet is up, daddy has the projector out and we are about to hook it up to the computer and watch Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped via the big *screen*.

That is after I get my 3 year old out of my black high heels. Hee hee

:) God bless your weekend. Tomorrow should be another day of tiling the bathroom! Woo-hoo. I have some housework to get caught up on and tomorrow evening we may go to my parent’s church (my home church) to their Fall Festival/Pastor’s Appreciation Deal.

Ahh, the weekend! :)


  1. Oh, honey, I'm so glad those days are over for me! Yes, we all have struggled with the ears being missing on our kids.

  2. Great suggestions on parenting. I realized awhile back that I needed to quit making suggestions to my kiddos and start making it a command since suggestions can be taken or left. At least that way if they don't obey me I can take the necessary action without feeling like my instructions weren't clear. We require yes ma'am and yes sirs here too. I have found great advice from the Pearls as well. : )


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