Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This & That

Many, O Lord my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward; they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered. Ps. 40:5

Isn’t it so wonderful to know that we are in HIS thoughts? Not just every now and then, but we are constantly in His thoughts. Wow.

We have had a pleasant, busy week. The weekend was filled with grocery shopping, remodeling (more on that later), and some pastor appreciating!

I’m so excited to report, that we are definitely moving along on our master bathroom remodeling! My dad, shown below (doesn’t he NOT look almost 56?) and my hubby began laying the tile this weekend!

late oct 031

My daddy, being silly. I told him that he wore this shirt when I was still at home. He said he wished all of his shirts were that thin! No wonder (that was erm, almost 12 years ago)! :)

late oct 030

The tile, drying. Oh, it’s getting exciting now!

late oct 036

This coming up weekend, Dad and his brother is coming back to do the shower/bath tiling. I can’t wait to see that! Woo-hoo!

A couple more pics from the weekend:

late oct 034

I thought the apples on the crystal cake plate looked so very fall-ish and neat! Here’s another picture with a bowl of delish chili in the background (cooked for my daddy while he was working):

late oct 035

Emory was the door opener for the men-folk and all of their ins and outs. It was a very important job. :)

late oct 032 Sunday we had Pastor’s Appreciation at our church. We had a visiting preacher (our pastor’s pastor..:) and had lunch following the service. I took a Chocolate Brownie Pie and a Spinach Sausage Bake that I had never done before. It was really good and we have enjoyed the leftovers! But, back to the point, we love our pastor and his family and appreciate his preaching the truth, even when it cuts to the core! :) Every service I get cut by the message but I’m hoping that it is chiseling me into the person God wants me to be! I love my pastor’s wife (she reads my blog on occasion, so a big ‘shout out’ to her) and I know the Lord sent her to be a friend for me. We don’t get to do a lot of things together because we both are busy homeschooling moms, but when we do get a spare minute to be together, we can just pick up where we left off! :)

Here are a few pics of the kids from this week:

late oct 038 This kid is currently eating me out of house and home. :) He is always hungry and his favorite snack is applesauce! He is very much into Potato Heads nowadays and plays with them every day. :) I love my 3 yr old!

late oct 039 If your kids get quiet, watch out. This is how I found mine after I didn’t hear them for some time. This is a very nice church vest (Elijah’s, Amy) that he pulled out of his closet. He said it was his Indian shirt! Thankfully, the markers were washable! :o)


I will leave you with a picture that I took this morning of my kiddos seeing there dad off to work. It is my current favorite picture and I think it will remain that for a long time.

late oct 041 My blessings!

Well now it is time to retire this tired Mama to bed. No reading for me tonight. I’m going straight to sleep, not passing Go, not collecting $200! :) Today was a day where a lot of messes were made, toys dumped out, cereal spilled, Ma-MAAAA called 100 times. :) Church was so refreshing, though and I felt so revived (and erm, convicted of my sinful ways…had to apologize to my son for *raising my voice* at him today). God richly bless you, dear readers.


  1. Your room is looking really nice! I love to watch progress like that!
    I love that last picture, as well! Adorable!

    Quickly, I wanted to ask...I see you read "homeschooling with a meek and quiet spirit"...I had wanted to read that book as well, but just haven't gotten it yet. What did you think of it? Would you recommend me buying it? :)

  2. Excited about your bathroom...I'm sure I'll get the opportunity to "sit a while" sooner or later (ha). Seriously, Elijah & Grace did the exact same thing with markers a few weeks ago. Even used the same color!

  3. A lot going on at your house. Good goings on are always the best. I think it's so cute that your dad is working with your hubby on your house. My hubby works with our son-in-law on both our and their house. They work so well together and it's great male bonding time.

  4. I like the apples on the plate. How exciting about your bathroom.

  5. Thank you for coming by my blog. I know I will be coming by for visits with you. Your family is very sweet and loving. Great Job!! :)


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