Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a few of our happenings…


This morning I awoke with my heart so heavy about something and things could’ve gone from bad to worse, but the Lord really did help me today and I’m so thankful. God is so faithful to help us when we need it. All we have to do is ask. This evening I needed help with something in my spirit that was amiss and a few minutes later I noticed that my attitude had changed without my initial noticing. I guess I say all of this to tell you that the good Lord is so willing to help us, His children. I tell you, I sure need Him so desperately. My heart is desperately wicked it seems, without Him.

Christmas kiss One of my favorite pictures ever of my man & me. Last year at Christmas, 2009

I have a deep thankfulness in my heart today for my dear husband. He is such an exemplary leader of our family and I want to give him a big shout out. You know our men need our encouragement. I need to do a better job of encouraging *my* man and seeing that I’m *first of all* wife and then mother. That is so hard to do, not because I *want* to be mother first, but because having four, little ones at that, seem to override having one big one. I thank the Lord for a renewed appreciation for my husband and I just want God to increase my love for him within me.

Welp..let’s see what’s been happening with us…

The kids have been enjoying a local church’s Kid’s Crusade this week. We seem to have about 4 per year in our surrounding churches and my kids love to go to as many as possible. Honestly, *I* enjoy going as well! Here’s one reason why: Last night, one puppet that was named Grandpa Snoot kept falling asleep while being talked to by the Crusade Director’s wife. The kids would have to shout, “WAKE UP, GRANDPA” to get the puppet to wake up. Well, tonight, the Crusade Director’s wife’s dad was there (he’s a grandpa) and he kept falling asleep during the Kid’s Crusade and I mean, snoring (think heavy duty snoring). So, she had the kids try the WAKE UP, GRANDPA on him and he never woke up!!!! It was pretty hilarious to tell ya the truth! :) Anyways, we love Kid’s Crusades, Youth Camps, and any chance my kids can learn about Jesus as their Saviour, I’m all for it.

Last week I went to visit my mom and grandmother (dad’s mom) who lives 30 minutes away. My parents have a farm (will have to do a pic post of their farm before too long) with chickens, cows, goats, horses, guineas, and cats. Lots of cats. Most of their cats stay at the barn and well, erm, breed. So, there are always lots of kittens around. My kids *love* playing with the kittens. As soon as we get to mom’s, each one will go get a kitten to tote around and play with during their stay at mom’s. Last week, Erin convinced me to let her take one of the really compliant, docile kittens home with us. She promised to change the litter box, etc. Well, the kitten started out in the house. It was really good about *going* in the litter box and Erin was good about changing it, etc. I gave it a bath and noticed it had a few fleas on it so we moved it to the porch until I could take care of the flea situation. With each day, my daughter is losing interest in the kitty and in cleaning out said litter box. Yuck. It was not a welcoming site or smell for any visitors we may would have had (we don’t have many, unfortunately). On Monday, my husband found a good deal on some porch paint and so he got it for us to paint our porch and furniture (YES! another thing to mark off of our *remodeling* list). So, he moved the kitten to the corn crib in our barn. Well, the first night, it made it ok. But this morning, upon being informed by my daughter that there was a “huge rat laying on the ground”, I knew that it was probably the kitten. You see, we have two dogs—a rat terrier and a Border Collie. It, so far, has killed a few chipmunks and just last week a rabbit! So, last night, it somehow got the kitten and had a playtime with him. What a frightful ordeal. The kitten was barely alive when I found him. I moved him to the back porch and covered him up to wait and see what would happen. I thought he was getting better (his breathing was very irregular, but he actually started trying to meow), but when we got back from the Kid’s Crusade he was only taking a gasp about every 30 seconds. My dear brave man had to put him down with the gun. It was pretty sad around here. Erin kept saying it was ‘her fault’. I think they are getting okay now with things. I tried to tell her not to be mad at Dixie because she was just playing with the cat and didn’t know she was harming him. Needless to say, we probably won’t be getting another kitten. Nana’s house is a great place for a kitten. :)

I didn’t mean to write a book. It’s getting late and I still have a sink of dishes to wash and a tired body to bathe. Tomorrow is a fun day for us..the older two kids are going to see the play, “The Little Red Hen” and my mom and I will sorta shop (as much as one can the day before payday..:) while they are at the play (only 3 homeschool moms got to be chaperones). I hope they really enjoy it!

I pray you are blessed with sleep tonight! I know the Chilean Miners must be so extremely grateful for a nice warm bed in which to sleep tonight. Isn’t that such a miraculous, heroic story?!


  1. Hello!!! :) Here is a tutorial for the window stars you asked about! This is for one of the patterns, but I used two other ones too...but this one is my favorite:

    and I ordered my kite paper from here:

    So glad your children are enjoying the neat! :) And, I love that picture of you and your husband!!! :) Adorable!

  2. Enjoyed the post today...feel like I have visited with you and my ever entertaining nieces and nephews. So sorry about the kitten :(.

  3. You are such a busy mom :) That's good. You'll miss the chaos when they are grown.

    Yes, so glad the miners are alive.


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