Monday, January 3, 2011

Glorifying God in Blogging

Happy New Year to you!
I have contemplated my blog over the past few days and in doing so have wondered about the direction I want it to go for this year. I even contemplated sitting out a year and perhaps just sitting at the feet of some much wiser women in hopes that maybe I can come back in a much wiser state, spiritually, ready to be the advisor to other women that I so long to be.
However, I realize that I'm just me, inconsistencies and all, and I do, at times, have advice to give that I believe the Lord gives me and I do so enjoy just posting updates on the kids and such.
The main goal of my blog must be to honor and glorify God. Our pastor was just talking about this last evening at the beginning of the service--how everything we do must glorify God.
If I stray from that in this blog, I pray that the Lord reveals it to me and I must be obedient to redirect my blog back towards Him.
Not saying my blog will be all spiritual. In fact, I hope it does become more spiritual because that would mean that I'm becoming more spiritual. But, there are times that it just ain't.
But, I want it to glorify God and I want to have the right motives in blogging. Not to be a show off or to brag (even though I am proud of my kiddos..:), but to have the right balance, intentions in my words.
For this year, I'll be turning off the comments. I'm so happy you are reading. I promise if you come back to visit, I'll try to be a regular blogger this year. :) I plan to put up my Email on my sidebar if ever you would like to drop me a line.
Less of Me, More of Him
**Edited to add: I LOVE getting comments and I appreciate those who regularly comment or occasionally comment. However, I'm turning them off because I don't want it to be all about the comments or I don't want to be constantly checking my comments or even comparing how many comments I get with others. Not that I would do that. Or anything. :) Basically, what I'm saying is, I don't want to get caught up in the comments. :) Got me?

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