Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals for 2011

I honestly can't believe we're in a year named 2011. Back when I was a kid, that sounded like a Space Alien age. Really. If someone had've asked me what I thought the world would look like in the year 2011, I would've said we would be flying in cars and living on other planets. Well, in reality, we can do things like read books without an actual book (Kindle, anyone?), fuel up our cars without, um, fuel, and a cool thing like communicating with someone across the globe with our fingers and not with our mouth/ears, and I'm sure that there's way more high tech things that I'm not even aware of and no, thanks, I'll just continue being a country girl.
But, really, 2011?
I'm reminded of what my best friend of 20+ years used to do as pre-teens. We would write each other letters (before txting, internet, etc) and include with the other 6 to 10 letters, a five year letter (okay, so maybe we were teenagers, ahem) and in it we would write each other as if we were living 5 years into the future. It is hilarious now to think about us both married (to different people than we had predicted) and having more children (than we had predicted) and our lives are not so upscale as we had them predicted. :)
Now we've surpassed our 5 year letters by about, um, 11 years, and honestly, who would've thunk it? Look how the Lord has blessed. So far beyond what I deserve.
I never set resolutions. I never set weight-loss or exercise goals. I know me. Thankfully, so far, I don't have too terribly a problem with weight even though my appetite grows more every year. I never keep those kind.
I would like to make some goals. Things that are achievable and matter.
1. Getting up early to put God first.
2. Being less selfish.
3. Going outside more with the kids.
4. Reading more to my children.
5. Savoring the moments.
6. Being a more helpful wife.
7. Working on my weaknesses (procrastination, anyone?) and using my strengths for God's glory.
8. Staying on a routine for my sanity.
9. Getting prepared for upcoming economic problems by stocking up.
10. Cull entertainment in my family (okay, maybe downscale).
11. Work on teaching my children better manners and generosity.
12. Don't be a slacker with training and homeschooling.

Hope you have a lovely day.
For now, I must attend to the breakfast needs of my family. I have children to rouse and a breakfast casserole to take out of the oven (see #s 6 & 8). :)


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