Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Biblical Goals & an introduction

Yesterday while reading Psalm 105, I started making a list of these Daily Goals that should be incorporated in our days. You may want to just read the whole Psalm 105 to see where I'm coming from, but here is the breakdown:

1. Give thanks unto the Lord.

2. Call upon His name.

3. Make known His deeds to others.

4. Sing unto Him.

5. Talk of His wondrous works.

6. Glory in His name.

7. Seek the Lord.

8. Seek His face.

9. Remember His marvellous works.

Aren't those wonderful? And I love how #7 and #8 are totally different. Sometimes we seek the Lord, in general. But, at other times, we have to seek His face. I want to do more seeking His face this year.


Have you been introduced to the West Ladies? While their blog is not really updated, you will enjoy reading some back issues of it. However, my favorite part about the West Ladies is their videos! For Christmas, I got the Art of Dairy Delights:

Since we get Goat's milk from my parents, I have been very interested in making cheese (and butter, even though cow's milk is best for that).

Then, last week during Vision Forum's 70% off sale, I got a couple more for $8.00 a piece! Last night I watched:

I have been very interested in Soapmaking for quite a while and am just about curious enough to try it! :) Over the holidays I made Peppermint Lip Balm and Homemakers Cottage (Kristy's) Plantain Heral Salve. It was so much fun and I was instantly hooked on making my own homemade concoctions.
Check out these videos. You may can still get them from Vision Forum at a low price. I'm looking forward to watching the Sewing one next!
Have a grand Wednesday! Don't forget to join me in implementing the Daily Biblical Goals that I mentioned at the beginning of the post. :)


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