Thursday, January 6, 2011

Post Christmas update: The toys that haven’t disappointed

I don’t know if your kids are like mine, but every time after Christmas I’m amazed at how the new toys go into the toy bins, rarely ever pulled out. There are a few exceptions, however, but I’m still convinced that wooden blocks and toy animals have been (and continue to be) my kids’ favorite toys.

This year for Christmas, my son’s great-grandmother got him a Kung-Zhu pet and it instantly became his favorite toy. We lost him for a week or so and it was tragic at our house. My daughter got a sister pet, Zhu-Zhu pet, Moo, and then last week, I was at my favorite burnt-out store and found 2 more Kung-Zhu pets, 90% off. So, now we have a Zhu of Hamsters! :)

Here are a few pics to show just how my kids get excited about these pets (in fact, right now as I type, they are building houses out of wooden blocks for them):

January 5 006 Getting ready to race….

January 5 007 And they’re off….

January 5 008

Explaining the tragic news to sister that her Zhu-Zhu pet didn’t win….

January 5 010

She didn’t receive the news very well…

January 5 011

Sleepy Ella & Mama watch for amusement sake…

These hamsters didn’t disappoint at our household! :)

Happy Thursday!


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