Friday, January 7, 2011

My little Hunters

I always love it when my mom calls and invites me to dinner. I mean, who wouldn’t? Going home always refreshes me and I believe it’s mostly due to the atmosphere of the place.

jan 6 002

jan 6 003

jan 6 005

jan 6 006

jan 6 012

And an invitation from Grandpa to go hunting??

jan 6 007 Not sure about all this Bambi killin’

jan 6 008Getting on the duds

jan 6 009

From one hard-head to another, let the truth be spoken. :)

jan 6 011You dogs ready???

Meanwhile I enjoyed an afternoon alone at the library and my um, favorite burnt out store. Check out some new recommended reading to be placed on my sidebar.

Friday, is that really you???

God Bless!

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