Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last Year’s Thrifting Treasures

Last year, I can say I truly learned to thrift shop.

I’m in love.

Yard Sales, Burnt out stores, Salvation Army, Neighbor’s Curbside (yea, I did this once last yr), bring it on.

One of my more fun days last year was spending a cold Saturday morning with one of my best childhood girlfriends, yard saling.

Therapy for me is twice a month when I go solo (well, sometimes my 8 yr old tags along for the fast food) to my favorite Burnt out store, Dirt Cheap. I will gladly go grocery shopping if I just get to browse out the cheap bargains beforehand.  And occasionally quite often, buy. Now, I’ve started to frequent the Salvation Army and have scored rather nicely on a couple occasions.

Honey, watch out because the other day I saw a sign that said Thrift Store. I haven’t had the time to go there yet. A body can only handle so many bargains in one trip.


Anyway, here is a few pictures of some bargains I grabbed up last year. Very frugally, I might add.

ebay and bargains 003Tarjay Tablecloth @ Dirt Cheap $4

ebay and bargains 007 

Salvation Army Urn(?), $.80

ebay and bargains 008

Yard Sale Treasure $.50—This is so much prettier in person

ebay and bargains 012

Yard Sale find—Ecru Throw, $1 or $2

ebay and bargains 015

Yard Sale Decanters(?)—2 for $1

ebay and bargains 018

Wooden flowers for little girl’s new room—Yard Sale, $1

ebay and bargains 019

Yard Sale Shower Curtain, $2—looks fab in my new bathroom

ebay and bargains 024

Dirt Cheap Candle stand, $0.90, Dirt Cheap Target coasters, $.75, Basket, Curbside find, FREE

ebay and bargains 002

Mirror, $7?, Yard Sale…needs painting, black, maybe?

early December 044

Basket from Thrift store, $2

early December 059

Pillow, Salvation Army, $2 don’t know the brand of this pillow, but it is high quality stuff. Or it could just be because I put it next to one I hand made.

early December 348

Not to mention scores of Organic Body Washes, Detergents, Soaps, and misc items, for cheap.

See how much money I saved you, honey? :)

Looking forward to this year’s thrifting! :)

*I can’t get my comments to enable, so for now I wait in silence. It’s annoying.



  1. Yay...comments!!!

    I have been longing to let you know how much I've loved your frequency of posts this year! The 'nilks' post really got to bittersweet.

    Oh, and we love to leave comments as much as you love reading them :-)

  2. Score! I've been itching to go thrifting. I read that January is the best month for it, but alas I am stuck inside the house with sick kiddos and am missing out on all the treasures! Argh! And now you go and do a post like this and make it worse!! Hehe. I really am going to miss my Goodwills and consignment stores when we make the big move.

  3. I need to find a "burnt-out" store around here--I've never heard of that!!

    Lovely thrifties!!


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