Monday, January 17, 2011

Shifting for awhile…

We have started the Daniel fast this week and will continue doing so for 21 days. If you are unfamiliar with this fast, then you can google it for a website. My focus is not to lose weight (and on this fast it shouldn’t be) but to become more consecrated to God. I want the fog of my experience with Him to lift so that I may see Christ fully. I want this mind to be in You which was in Christ Jesus.

jan 14 003 Those are a few of my goals during this fast and my plans for achieving those goals are to:

1. Lay aside any thing that I know in my heart that I put before the Lord.

2. Have one or two verses on which to meditate during the day.

jan 14 008 

3. Steal away and pray 3 times a day, as Daniel did, even it if it is in 10 minute segments.

The result? I’m hoping to become consumed with God.

jan 14 009

For the next 21 days, my blog will take a spiritual turn for the most part.

jan 14 013 Ask God what He would have you do to make you become consumed with him this year.

Be willing to do it.

jan 14 015As for today, we are enjoying beautiful weather, daddy being home (thanks, Dr. King), and being outside. Church was wonderful this weekend with wonderful sermons being preached by our pastor and fellowship was sweet and way past due with a couple of our mostest oldest friends. :)

jan 14 016

jan 14 017

jan 14 019

jan 14 020

I hope that your day is warm and sunny as well!

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  1. I'll definitely look this up. I really like how you wrote out Psalm 105--I'll be taping that to my bathroom mirror!! :)


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