Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few narrated pics to share..

Tonight my family has gone to a nearby Prophecy Conference and I, who had to stay put due to already-scheduled piano lessons, am now waiting for their return while listening to the blustery wind as it shakes the house. Really.

The house is straightened, I have showered, the littlest young man (who did not go due to a low grade fever. Still.) is asleep, I have eaten a piece of chocolate cake (low fat, honest!) and before I go to my room to dive into my newest and wonderful-est read, The Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola (more on that book later), I uploaded (downloaded?) some new photos to my computer.

feb 22 003She didn’t escape it. She can still be seen with something, anything (even if she has to use her fingers) stuck up her nose to prevent dripping. She hates having a runny nose. She can frequently be heard calling for Tish. That’s her word for tissue. She has said it so much that she has shortened it. This was on a particularly feverish day. She wedged her sleeping bag on the hard floor in between the piano and the table. Directly in the flow of traffic. I think it was some sort of boycott or strike.

feb 22 004My son is a typical boy. He likes to play with my hair rollers.

feb 22 007

My sons’ room was looking particulary snazzy so I snapped this picture. Not that the snazzy had to do with intensive floor scrubbing and Sunday washing of every stitch of bed clothes and Lysol-ing every nook and cranny due to a bad virus bug.

Sorry about the blinds. I snatched them up from my neighbor’s trash. She fooled me. They were in a new box. I guess she took these down and put these in the new box when she hung the new blinds in her house.


Be careful to notice the $12 Target toybox in the back. $99 reg. Sweet.

feb 22 012

The kitchen, looking all tidy.

Wait. I see some cool looking canisters.....

feb 22 015 The tallest one: $19.99, the middle one: $16.99, the smallest one, $14.99. Target. My price? 70% off. Off of the middle one, $16.99. The lady sold them to me for the price of one. This was from my favorite store, Dirt Cheap. I love these canisters. There is nothing wrong with them either. No knicks or cracks.

I love the numbers! :) The best thing about them is I needed some canisters and I was pretty patient to wait and I got a great deal!

feb 22 017 My pansies have been so loyal to me this winter. This is where they’ve been all winter, right here in this basket. Even in the 15 degree weather that we’ve had at least twice (the reason I can remember is that 15 degree weather breaks my washing machine water pipes. Every time. And it’s happened twice).

But they are loving the warm weather! I’ve had to transplant some of the pansies you see here to another pot.

feb 22 021We felt like Daddy Mama might need some chocolate, especially this week, so the kids and I made a low-fat chocolate cake. Ella says it is a winner.

feb 22 022

Evan has similar feelings.

feb 22 024 Perfect, chocolaty handprints

Looks good to me!

feb 22 026

…Cause for all we know, sister is probably in there in the bathroom painting the sink, the lizard……

feb 22 027

And even the…..Tish?

feb 22 028 Somebody’s gotta clean up this mess!

feb 22 029

This little guy, my morning buddy, helped Mama wash dishes for an hour or more one morning this week. He didn’t quit me until the last dish was washed. And believe me, there were plenty. Same little guy woke up from naptime with 102.5 fever a few hours later. :/


Well the family’s tucked in bed and it’s time for Mama to crawl between the sheets. Glad for God’s goodness and his favor towards us. Unmerited, undeserved favor.

Did you know that many are his thoughts unto ME?? Wow.


  1. Hey I enjoyed you latest blog and new pictures. I sure do miss you on fb but, totally understand. I just read the Charlotte Mason companion. I really enjoy her teaching methods. Hope to get to see you some next week. Have a great day.
    Love, Rhonda

  2. Truly enjoyed this post. Love those canisters.

  3. Love your pictures! Your house is as cute as can be! (Wanna come on over and help me organized??)

    Hope all your little people are feeling better!



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