Sunday, March 20, 2011

Distractions in our Worship

If you don’t keep a prayer journal or a ‘spiritual’ journal, I encourage you to do so. This is just a notebook where you can write down things the Lord speaks to you and also prayers he’s answered. I also use my journal to write down verses that speak to my heart or even dreams that I have that seem to be important.

Exactly a year ago, I felt frustrated in my lack of desire to worship at church. I would have good prayer times at home, but then at church I would just be, there. Now that I look back, I can’t believe that church wasn’t as exciting to me as it is now. Wonderful how the Lord brings us along, isn’t it?

While in prayer about this, I felt the Lord speak to me (if you have never had the Lord speak to you, you are missing out on an awesome experience….basically the Lord will strongly ‘impress’ upon you what he is ‘speaking’ to you) some things about my lack of worship in church.

I was distracted.

I have always had a nosy tendency about me. Gulp. It’s a bit humorous, but my husband will often tease me about my ability to listen to our conversation, say, in a restaurant (a great place for fellow nosy-ers) and be all into the conversation of the nearby 3 or so tables. :) I am a people watcher and I love to watch people. Maybe that’s why I like blogs. :) So if you are reading this, you may be like me. :)

The Lord prompted me that I am distracted in church. I am busy looking around (not that I stare, but you know, if a baby cries or if someone walks in late, I have to see who it is) and letting my thoughts wander instead of focusing on worshipping God.

From my journal, dated 3/7/10, this is what I wrote (and I’ll skip back a bit, because the first part is good too and of it I need to be reminded):

*When I’m getting ready for church, remind myself that I’m dressing to:

1). Represent Christ

2). Represent & Please my Husband (only, not other women) in dress

3). Represent my children as their mother (carry myself as a mature woman, not as a silly young girl)

*When I’m at church, focus only on the service!

1). No turning around to look at others

2). Sing unto the Lord! Close eyes if I have to to maintain connection with God.

3). No vain or fake worship! If I don’t ‘feel it’, instead of being fake, ask God to give me a sense of worship or put me in the Spirit of worship (it works)!

4). Speak to others purposefully and genuinely.

5). Don’t stall my worship or obedience to His spirit. Don’t wait until the service gets ‘high’ to begin to worship the Lord. Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving……

I really appreciate the Lord speaking these words to my heart. They have helped me so much and to know that He spoke them to me makes me want to be obedient to what He wants me to do. Hope this will help someone…. :)


Now I have to get ready for choir practice, so the pictures I wanted to post from our glorious weekend will have to wait. I have also had a request for the tomato gravy and biscuit recipes, so I did a photo tutorial this weekend. I hope to get that uploaded this week, soon. It’s coming! :)

May you have a glorious worship service! If your church is in a lukewarm state (Laodicea, Rev 2) ask God to start the fire in YOU!


  1. i too am easily's hard for me to tall my kids to pay attention when it's so hard for me too!!!

    great post! :)

  2. I just wanted to come over and thank you for the lovely and encouraging comment you left me!! I was so encouraged by it!

    And, I can so relate to this post...I often have had the same prayer, that the Lord would just help me to focus completely on Him, not on my outfit, not on the person sitting in front of me, not on the family that just came in late, etc.! Thanks for sharing this!


  3. Yes! I, too, have to focus to "bring all thoughts in captivity" before church. I'm not as distracted by the same types of things as you--in fact, I'm annoyed by people who can't keep their heads from swinging around every time someone walks in the door late :). We're all different!

    My weakness is the conversation I had with so-and-so, to what day I'm going to go grocery shopping--I find it helps to PURPOSEFULLY "enter in his gates w/ thanksgiving" (the front door) and "into his courts with praise" (the actual sanctuary) and get there early enough to pray a few minuets before church. Not always possible every service, but I can see such a difference when I do.

  4. I am a radical worshiper. I'm one of those that let's it all all and doesn't care. But I have also been at this place. The words you received are wonderful and what a help they are. I also have to put blinders on. I use to be burden when I saw others not participating and not connecting. It would bother me so much that I wouldn't be connected. So,I just put spiritual blinders on and then I get my praise on with the Lord.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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