Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What are we doing?

PS. If you’re here from All in a Day Series I will refrain for this week due to the fact that I don’t, indeed, have my act together on Sunday mornings. We are frequently late for church or at least getting there right on time. So for this week, I will sit out and read your wonderful advice that I already know but hope I get a renewed determination to apply.

At our home, we have battled sickness for a month or more. Finally, the wave of sickness has swept on by us and we are slowly picking back up. We still have the occasional surge of an earache which could be the result of a horrible ear infection/rupturing from this little darling:

mid march 301 At her sickest….

We also made a startling discovery about this little man, which I hope to share in a future (hopefully-not-too-far-away), after he relapsed time and time again with his sickness bout. After herbal intervention, he is doing so much better:

mid march 306Putting on his own pajamas, at the motel…

My sister-in-law and her kids spent a week at her mom’s and my children enjoyed playing with their cousins:

mid march 302Quiet time after playing all day outside

mid march 305

Emma & Ella

mid march 308 A rare, decent picture of me…I don’t know what Ella was looking at…

mid march 312 Lots, lots of block castle-building going each day…

mid march 315 A side profile, taken by my son…

mid march 327 My daughter, the doll lizard lover, playing with her newest pet, Lizard, in her dollhouse (um, lizard house). See him?

mid march 329 See how dirty a country gal can get?

mid march 330 The latest toy, Polly Lizard-et…this girl really gets into her animal playing, let me tell you.

mid march 233What a cutie…

mid march 332 Comfort food….Biscuits AND…..

mid march 333Tomato Gravy! :)

And always….

mid march 334


mid march 298You’re never to old to play with blocks!

mid march 337One side of my living room after Spring Cleaning! Yes, I’ve started already! (Could it have to do with a book I’ve recently read that has extremely inspired me? More on that later)

mid march 341Rearranging a bit…

mid march 340Clutter Free!!

(Now, on to the REST of my house!)

I also have put some of my garden in!! I am super excited about that, always after feeding the chickens, heading out there to check the progress! I know we may have another bit of a cold snap, but I’m willing to cover my plants. We started our seedling indoors and have more that are germinating now. Pictures to come!

The children and I have been LOVING this warmer weather. Of course, with mixed emotions—knowing that super HOT weather is around the corner.

Today finds me with something going on with my eye, so after a small bit of grocery shopping, gift buying (our oldest girl turns SIX tomorrow), I will head to the eye doctor to see what is ailing my eye.

May the Lord richly fill you with His wisdom today. Wisdom to guide your home and lead your children in all the ways of truth.


  1. Girl, what are you talking about? You are the most photogenic person I know!! Love all the pics--doesn't it feel good to spring clean? Can't wait to get started on mine!

    Appreciate your honesty about Sunday morning ;).

  2. Oh, and Erin with that lizard is HILARIOUS!!!!

  3. Thanks for your pictures and stories, it's wonderful to read and see them.

    Please, please would you post your recipes for biscuits and tomato gravy for a seriously uneducated Australian? They look delicious and winter is on it's way to this great land down under.

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing that you are late most Sundays. We must be bosom buddies :)

  5. Yes, I noticed you're decluttering. What book is helping you? I've been slowly going through Andrew Mellen's book, Unstuff your Life. It's a great help. I know what you mean about the bedroom. That is my nemesis. Kathy

  6. Your children are absolutely precious! :) I love the castle they built with the blocks! Is that lizard-ette real!? ;)

    You asked on my blog if I had read that book by Nancy I haven't...but intend to! I am honored that you thought of me when reading it ~ thank-you!

    That picture of you is just lovely! :)
    I hope you are having a lovely week! xo

  7. Hi, I have a favor to ask. Can you forward me the info from Carrie with the upcoming topics for All In A Day? I'm having problems receiving messages from her. We've been going back and forth and it's so bizarre, but I haven't gotten any of them. Try this email addy... bigfamily8 at
    Thanks, Kathy


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